Bxx: Haunted

Bxx: Haunted - Chat with Carnivale Creator Daniel Knauf

Daniel Knauf is a creative genius who happens to be completely fascinated with the paranormal, and his experimental and innovative new project Bxx: Haunted is nothing short of an incredible experience. Now YOU can delve deeper with the man himself!

Bxx: Haunted (Web Series)

Starring Jeffery Bell, Kalinda Gray, Lynda Reynoso, Ryan Hannah King, Brent McGregor, Michael O'Connell, Kayte Arnett Created and written by Daniel Knauf Directed by Cliff Osmond

Daniel Knauf's Bxx: Haunted Officially Opens

We've been talking about Daniel Knauf's experimental and innovative new project Bxx: Haunted for a long while now, and we're extremely happy to tell you that it is now officially open and waiting to be explored. Believe us, kids; this is as close to real ghost hunting as we've ever seen! Dig it!

The Bxx Has Been Opened! Exclusive First Look Inside!

Daniel Knauf's experimental and innovative Bxx: Haunted has now opened to a limited number of explorers in a preview of the final product. If you got in, then you know what delights await for the curious. If not, well, I supposed I can give you a peek.

Become a Part of Daniel Knauf's Bxx: Haunted

We've been ranting and raving about the new project from Daniel Knauf, Bxx: Haunted, for over a month now, and if you're at all acquainted with the series he did for HBO, "Carnivale", then you're likely to be pretty excited as well. Now we have your chance to go beyond excitement.

Sign Up for Bxx: Haunted Now For Early Access!

We've been covering Bxx: Haunted from "Carnivale" creator Daniel Knauf for a while now, and the time has come for you to jump on board the scare train before it leaves the depot.

Bxx: Haunted – Exclusive Video Interview with Creator Daniel Knauf

As we get closer to the launch of Bxx: Haunted, our coverage here on Dread Central is ramping up, starting with an exclusive video interview with creator Daniel Knauf along with a second teaser for the project.

A Teaser Trailer Arrives for Daniel Knauf's Bxx: Haunted

In the era of SOPA and PIPA, where corporations fight to protect their creative property, some creators have lost the ability to play in the worlds they have created because of deals with those same corporations. One such creator is Daniel Knauf, who brought us the amazing and much missed world of "Carnivale". HBO owns that show and everything surrounding it, leaving Knauf unable to bring closure to the tale or shop it to other sources for continuation.