Busted Knuckle Productions

Wipe Away Your Tears - Official Trailer and DVD Artwork Unveiled for The Crying Dead

Busted Knuckle Productions and Viva Pictures have released the official trailer and DVD artwork for their paranormal thriller The Crying Dead, and of course we have them both here!

First Clip, Second Trailer, and More Stills from The Whispering Dead

Busted Knuckle Productions is continuing to develop the haunted title The Whispering Dead, and they sent over an update that includes some new stills, the second trailer, and a clip introducing us to "Ghost Girl."

Hey! Hear That? It's the Concept Artwork for The Whispering Dead!

Ready for some haunting new artwork for The Whispering Dead? Of course you are. Why else would you be here? Though our boyish charm and flare for theatrics are admittedly a big plus. Read on for the goods.

Haunting First Look at The Whispering Dead

Another found footage film is on its way to tantalize our aural senses, and we've got your very first look at the spookiness to come once The Whispering Dead start making some noise.