Buried Alive

Hanover House Finds Patient Zero Buried Alive on DVD

Two more flicks are on their way to home video as Hanover House announced today that both Patient Zero and Buried Alive will be released this summer! Details are kind of slim at the moment, but here's what we know...

UK Readers: Get Buried Alive with Frank Darabont this October!

Does the name Frank Darabont sound familiar? It should! For those of you living under a rock, this is who gave us The Mist and the highly acclaimed TV series "The Walking Dead". Now, for the first time ever, UK audiences can catch a look at his 1990 directorial debut, Buried Alive, when it premieres on DVD October 17th courtesy of Second Sight.

More Horror Classics Coming from the MGM Limited Edition Collection

Starting this month, look for more classic horror films to reach consumers through Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment's special manufacturing-on-demand platform. These DVDs are part of the MGM Limited Edition Collection and will be available from your favorite online retailer.

Trio of Rodrigo Gudino Short Films Snag Multiple Film Fest Awards

One filmmaker we've had our eyes on for quite some time around these parts is Rue Morgue President Rodrigo Gudino, and he dropped us a line today with an update on the worldwide tour he and three of his short films went on this Halloween season.

Atlanta's Buried Alive Film Festival Unearthed This Weekend

Film festivals have for many years been a staple of most serious film fans’ experience. They are a great way to see a host of obscure and hard to find films and to see them gloriously displayed on the big screen. A lot of film festivals though tend to show the same old thing despite their venue and location differences.

The Best of the Worst Claustrophobic Moments in Film

Yeah, kiddos. With Buried on the brain now that it’s been lowered into theaters, we thought it’d be fun to look back at some of the worst moments in characters’ lives in the history of stuffy cinema.

Exclusive Trailer and News: Digging up the Dirt on Meadowoods

Remember last week when we posted that video of the hysterical girl being buried alive? We didn't know what it was then, but since we picked up on it, we've been sent a bit more information. Exclusive information on something that for right now is only to be known as Meadowoods.

Unnerving Buried Alive Video Hits the Net

Working on a news website requires lots of looking around for interesting stuff to clue you guys in on. Sometimes we're directed to things, and sometimes we run across them on our own. This one is a little bit of both.

Fall Horror DVD-Palooza!

There's a frightening number of fall horror DVDs coming out the closer we get to Halloween. I've compiled a sampling in no particular order of just some of the many, many new releases coming soon to a DVD shelf near you in September and October.