New Destiny Video Explores the Great Outdoors

Another new video documentary in support of Bungie's next gen game Destiny has arrived, and after watching it, we can honestly say that 2014 cannot get here soon enough! Check it out!

New Destiny Gameplay Video Clocks In Over a Dozen Minutes of Next Gen Power

One new game coming sometime in 2014 we absolutely cannot wait to get our hands on is Bungie's Destiny. If you need a reason as to why, all you have to do is watch this latest video, which truly speaks for itself!

Action-Packed Law of the Jungle Trailer Arrives for Destiny

Activision and Bungie are set to release Destiny sometime next year for consoles. Gamers now have the chance to feast their eyes on a 60-second trailer entitled "Law of the Jungle," which is set to air on TNT on May 25th.

GDC 2013: Destiny Reveals New Information and Images

At this year's GDC 2013, Bungie gave fans a look into a brave new world with their upcoming title Destiny. The game was brought to life with newly revealed sketches, concept art and much more. Now is the time to pursue your destiny and check out this new content!

Bungie Answers Your Questions About Destiny

Bungie has released answers to all of the questions they have been receiving on the upcoming FPS Destiny. Players will step into the distant future as a Guardian in one of the remaining cities of Earth and must fight to reclaim everything humanity has lost.

Bungie Reveals New Title Destiny With Cinematic Style

Bungie has announced its upcoming title Destiny with a new trailer entitled Pathways Out of Darkness. Players will travel to the near future as Guardians and scour the solar system in order to save the last city on Earth. A sci-fi, out-of-this-world adventure is ahead!