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San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Updates on Mockingbird Lane, Hannibal, and Do No Harm

We previously posted a few highlights of Bryan Fuller's panel at Comic-Con relating to "Mockingbird Lane", and now NBC has provided a pair of videos regarding both that show and "Hannibal" as well as a quick video update from "Do No Harm" co-executive producer David Schulner.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Mockingbird Lane - First Cast Photo and Panel Recap

Our friends over at TVLine scored the first look at "The Munsters" redux "Mockingbird Lane" at this year's Comic-Con, and well, it doesn't look very Munstery. Except, oddly enough, for Marilyn. See for yourself, and read on for a recap of the Bryan Fuller panel.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Top 13 Horror Options for When Hall H & Ballroom 20 Are Just Too Full

Sure, horror fans hope to see "The Walking Dead", Pacific Rim, the "Virtual Drive-In", Resident Evil: Retribution, Silent Hill: Revelations, Elysium, & "Supernatural" in Hall H along with "Dexter", "True Blood", & "The Vampire Diaries" in Ballroom 20. But what if the lines are too long?

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Day 3 (July 14) Schedule Now Live

Another day, another schedule for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. Next up is Day 3 - Saturday, July 14th - which is just about as chock-full of events for the horror crowd as Friday the 13th!

Actor/Singer/Songwriter Cheyenne Jackson Set to Guest Star on Mockingbird Lane

More casting news has come in for NBC's "Mockingbird Lane", this time involving Broadway and TV star Cheyenne Jackson, who's signed on for a guest role as Eddie Munster's Scout Master Steve, a charming, cheerful widower with no children of his own who becomes smitten with Lily.

The Munsters Find a Neighbor in Beth Grant on Mockingbird Lane

More casting news is coming in for the latest redux of the classic television series "The Munters," entitled "Mockingbird Lane." Now that the family has been fully cast, it's time to fill in the rest of the neighborly crew. Read on for the latest.

Mockingbird Lane - Portia De Rossi Is the New Lily Munster

The search for the actress to assume the role of Lily Munster on NBC's upcoming redux of the classic television series "The Munsters", entitled "Mockingbird Lane", has come to an end with a blonde that will no doubt be going dark. Hopefully really dark.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Mockingbird Lane; Grandpa Gets Fitted, House Under Construction!

Ready for a quick peek behind-the-scenes of NBC's upcoming redux of the classic television series "The Munsters"? Of course you are, and via his Twitter account writer Bryan Fuller has posted images of one of Grandpa's outfits and the house itself under construction!

Will Mariana Klaveno Be the New Lily Munster?

While we're still kind of rattled regarding yesterday's news that Jerry O'Connell would be playing Herman Munster on NBC's "Mockingbird Lane", we have to keep looking ahead and hoping for the best. In any event, more casting news has come.

NBC Has Found Mockingbird Lane's New Herman Munster and His Name Is... Jerry O'Connell?

Jerry O’Connell has been cast as Herman Munster in NBC’s “Mockingbird Lane”. Let me repeat that so it will fully sink in: Jerry O’Connell has been cast as Herman Munster. Nope, still hasn’t sunk in.

NBC Finds Its Hannibal - Mads Mikkelsen

The search is over for NBC with regard to finding the right actor to portray the nefarious Hannibal the Cannibal in the network's upcoming series "Hannibal." Read on for all the latest details on the man who will be served up some fava beans with a fine chianti.

Hannibal Series to Have Massive International Reach

Good news for everyone looking to enjoy some quality TV time with a much beloved cannibal: NBC and Sony are set to bring their show "Hannibal" to everyone, just about everywhere, in every language. Read on for the details.

Eddie Munster Found on Mockingbird Lane

NBC's reboot of the classic TV show known as "The Munsters" is still very much on its way, and word has just broken that a young lad has been found to play the famed Eddie Munster on "Mockingbird Lane". Read on for the latest!

NBC Announces Its Fall Schedule; Full Descriptions of Revolution, Hannibal, and Do No Harm

With pilot season done, NBC has announced its fall lineup. Returning genre show "Grimm" remains on Friday at 9:00 PM with new series "Do No Harm" landing on Sunday at 10:00 PM and "Revolution" on Monday at 10:00 PM. Look for "Hannibal" mid-season.

Bryan Fuller Talks Bringing Hannibal to NBC

It's going to be very interesting to see just how Bryan Fuller and company intend to bring the nefarious Hannibal the Cannibal to the small screen. Recently Fuller shed some light on the transition.