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New Featurette Takes You Inside Mockingbird Lane

And the barrage of video bait in support of "Mockingbird Lane," NBC's new version of the much beloved television classic "The Munsters," continues. Next out of the gate is a short behind-the-scenes featurette. Dig it!

Five Clips Take You Down Mockingbird Lane

This Friday, October 26th, NBC will be airing "Mockingbird Lane," its new version of the much beloved "The Munsters," as a Halloween special. To celebrate, we now have not one, not two, not three, but five clips on tap for you cats. Dig it!

Second Clip From Mockingbird Lane Flies In

Hot on the heels of yesterday's clip comes another look at NBC's new version of the much beloved show "The Munsters." So the question beckons: Will you be taking this new trip down "Mockingbird Lane," or would you rather it remain a road less traveled. Let us know!

First Clip Uncovered on Mockingbird Lane

The first clip from NBC's new version of the much beloved show "The Munsters" is here, and checking it out will definitely help you decide whether or not you're up for a trip down this particular variation of "Mockingbird Lane."

Grandpa Gets Bloody in New Mockingbird Lane Images

To say that NBC's "Mockingbird Lane" will be shockingly different from "The Munsters" we all grew up with looks to be a bit of an understatement. Especially considering these latest images released today by Bryan Fuller.

Official Artwork and Synopsis: Mockingbird Lane

Airing on Friday, October 26, is NBC's Halloween special, "Mockingbird Lane," and we have an extended synopsis along with the key art for you to feast your peepers on. So what do you cats think? Gonna watch it for the giggles or avoid it like a vamp does garlic?

Mockingbird Lane Opens Tumblr Page; Check Out a New Still

After being on the fence about what to do with "Mockingbird Lane," NBC now is pulling out all the stops to promote the show's pre-Halloween pilot airing on Friday, October 26, including the launch of a Tumblr page. Check it out along with a new still we uncovered on the site.

The Vampire Diaries' Gina Torres Bewitches Hannibal

Every good man needs a good mate to stand behind him in times of trouble. Especially times of trouble dealing with a flesh-hungry cannibal with a penchant for fava beans and a fine Chianti. Read on for the latest on "Hannibal."

Mockingbird Lane Teaser Arrives; Will You Be Watching?

Finally, after months of speculation, we have our first real look at NBC's "Munsters" reboot, "Mockingbird Lane." The network is airing the pilot on Friday, October 26th, and will decide after seeing the show's reception whether or not it will move forward with a series order. Will you be watching?

Mockingbird Lane Update; Bryan Fuller Still Hopeful Series Can Be Salvaged

So it looks like we shouldn't completely count out "Mockingbird Lane" just yet. TV Guide has posted a lengthy article with the reboot's writer, Bryan Fuller, and he remains bullish on the show... and thinks Halloween is a perfect time to get viewers on board. Read on for a few excerpts.

New Images From Mockingbird Lane Look Like Anything But The Munsters

NBC has released a slew of images for its "Munsters" reboot, "Mockingbird Lane," and we see nothing about these stills that echoes anything even remotely resembling the classic television series. True, it's hard to judge from just pictures, but we'll all be able to judge soon enough.

NBC Decides to Air Mockingbird Lane Pilot as a Halloween Special

Just yesterday things were up in the air with regard to what NBC was going to do with its "Munsters" reboot, "Mockingbird Lane," but now word has come that the network has made a decision. Read on for the details.

Hannibal Eats Molly Shannon

Of all the women he could pick to eat, everyone's favorite cannibal has set his sights on a former "Saturday Night Live" funny lady with an obscure penchant for ingesting Schweddy balls. You know... in some strange way it makes sense.

There's Trouble Brewing on Mockingbird Lane; NBC Perplexed!

About a week or so ago we told you that NBC might be scrapping "Mockingbird Lane," the network's new take on the classic horror-themed TV show "The Munsters." Bryan Fuller then took to Twitter to say this was untrue, but apparently something bad is continuing to brew.

Teaser Art and More Casting News for NBC's Hannibal

You never know what you're going to find when you poke around the Internet. For instance, here's some early teaser art for NBC's "Hannibal" along with a bit of casting news as another one of Bryan Fuller's former co-workers has signed on for the show.