Bryan Fuller

New Hannibal Image Saves a Place at the Table for You!

A new image that puts the three main characters from "Hannibal" together has arrived, and it looks like they've saved a place at the table just for you! We're definitely saving our appetites for the series premiere on Thursday, April 4th.

New Hannibal Teaser Is Well Balanced

Another teaser for the upcoming series based upon the macabre world of one Dr. Hannibal Lecter, "Hannibal," has arrived; and it strikes a neat balance between madness and reality. Or at least we like to think so.

What a Lovely Loin This Latest Hannibal Teaser Has

Are you hungry for the tenderest of meats cooked to blood rare perfection, smothered in mushrooms, and dripping with a delicate au jus? Sounds kind of good, no? Only trouble is this sliver of protein power is more akin to Soylent Green than sirloin. Check out a new promo for "Hannibal."

Get Reborn with this New Trailer for Hannibal

In case the short teaser we posted a little while ago wasn't enough for you, NBC has released a longer look trailer for its upcoming new series "Hannibal," and once again we have to say we are liking what we see. Let us know what you think!

Get Another Taste of Hannibal with this New Teaser

With the early April premiere date of NBC's "Hannibal" drawing ever closer, we're sure you're all anxious to see every bit of info that's out there for it, and today we have a new teaser to share.

Extended Hannibal Promo Gets Inside Your Head

NBC released a longer promo for its upcoming serial killer thriller "Hannibal," and it's definitely looking pretty slick and gory for a network show. If they can keep pushing the envelope, they might have a hit on their hands. Check it out.

Three TV Spots For Hannibal Fresh Out of the Oven

We are just a few weeks away from the premiere of the NBC show based upon the crazed world of Hannibal the Cannibal Lecter, and the TV spots have begun rolling in. Would author Thomas Harris be proud or will this series lack the necessary bite? Take a look!

Another Look at the Cast of Hannibal

Not too long ago NBC released a batch of photos showing off the cast of the network's upcoming series "Hannibal," and now they've provided us with a gallery's worth of new images of basically the same people in different poses.

Three New International Promos for Hannibal Have Bite

Man, can horror on TV possibly get any more popular? Next on tap for you cats are three international promo videos for "Hannibal." Check 'em out right here and don't forget to add some Adobo for a bit of extra spice!

Dig into a Two-Minute Look at NBC's Hannibal

Alright, kids. Line up with your plates extended because we're about to drop the international trailer for "Hannibal" on it. Fava beans and a fine Chianti will be waiting for you at your assigned tables along with various condiments.

Full Menu Revealed for NBC's Hannibal

NBC is as proud as a peacock about its new show based upon the exploits of everyone's favorite cannibal, "Hannibal", and to prove it, they have released a series of images devoted to everyone who's on the proverbial menu. Dig it!

Take a Bite Out of the First Trailer for NBC's Hannibal

Tastier than liver and fava beans, the first trailer for NBC's "Hannibal" has arrived online in advance of its network premiere on "Saturday Night Live" later today. Pour yourself a nice glass of Chianti and check it out along with some new artwork for the show.

Hannibal Gets a Premiere Date

Bryan Fuller just took to Twitter to announce that a premiere date has been set for NBC's "Hannibal." Read on for all the details straight from the horse's mouth... or fingers... or would that technically be hooves? Anyway, get to reading!

New Hannibal Art Is Delightfully Bone Dry!

NBC has released some new key art for its upcoming TV show based upon the exploits of everyone's favorite flesh-munching miscreant, Hannibal the cannibal, and we have it for you right here with a fine Chianti.

New Hannibal Guest Star Is Dead Like Me

Some quick casting news is coming in for NBC's "Hannibal." TVLine is reporting that Ellen Muth (the soul escort, George, on "Dead Like Me,") will guest star in an episode of the forthcoming show, playing a character named Georgia. Nifty!