Bryan Bertino

Strangers Posters Winners Announced!

With The Strangers (review) now in theaters, we figured it was about damn time we chose some winners in this here contest. Check out the names below and hope yours is among them! The Strangers poster signed by stars Liv Tyler & Scott Speedman goes to...

The Strangers at the Bus Stop

The posters for Bryan Bertino’s home invasion flick called The Strangers have been getting increasingly creepy as the theatrical release date draws closer. If you've been taking the bus, then it is pretty likely that you've seen what IMP Awards found below.

Lots o' New Imagery from The Strangers

The very cool folks at Rogue Pictures sent us over a batch of 20 stills from the upcoming May 30th release of The Strangers, which stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman. Bryan Bertino wrote and directed the home invasion thriller that we’ve been looking forward to for a while now. Hopefully it’ll live up to its creepy ad campaign so far. Keep it here for more Strangers updates and visit the official Strangers site for more goodies! Enjoy the pics below!

New Poster for The Strangers

It’s not quite as effective as the original poster, I don’t think, but it does get some points for subtle freakiness.

The Strangers New Trailer!

If you've never been the victim of a home invasion, then count yourself lucky. Do you have any idea what it's like when a group of masked psychos barge into your house, start throwing hacky sacks at you and yell odd things like, "I cast fire ball spell"?

Summertime for Strangers

Though it’s been floating out there with its off-putting imagery for a few months now, we’ve yet to hear an official release strategy for Bryan Baertino’s The Strangers until now, if you can believe it.

Meet The Strangers

Just who are The Strangers? I’ve been asking myself the same thing since the first time I heard about this movie; now I know.

Underworld Strangers?

Liv Tyler in a horror movie? Thank you, Jesus, Buddha, and that bum who sold me the pictures of horses doing it. I lost track of Liv sometime after she was running around with Hobbits and Viggo so it came as a surprise to see she's in a film like this.