Bryan Bertino

ABE Finds a Programmer in The Strangers' Bryan Bertino

About a year ago we posted an incredible short film called ABE, a creepy killer robot tale directed by British filmmaker Rob McLellan. Now word has come that the proposed feature film version has gotten itself a writer!

Strangers Director Bryan Bertino Promises There Are Monsters

It's been several years since we've seen anything from writer/director Bryan Bertino, who burst onto the scene in 2008 with the effective home invasion flick The Strangers. Next, he continues with the home invasion theme, only this time the invading monsters aren't of the human variety.

Updates on Blumhouse's Stephen King Adaptation Mercy and Bryan Bertino's Mockingbird

The Hollywood Reporter just issued an odd little article which adds some insight into the films produced by Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Productions. In it were updates on two projects that are currently sitting on the shelf: Mercy and Mockingbird.

Dennis Gansel in Talks to Direct Grim Night for Universal

Back in October of last year we got the first word that Unbroken Films partners Bryan Bertino (The Strangers) and Adrienne Biddle were partnering with Marc Platt to produce Grim Night for Universal, and now finally a director has been chosen.

Trio Sign on for Bertino's Mockingbird

Not to be confused with "The Munsters" redux "Mockingbird Lane", what we have on tap here is some casting news for director Bryan Bertino's (The Strangers) new found footage flick for Universal.

Bryan Bertino Finds a Mockingbird for Universal

Our friends over at STYD did a little detective work and uncovered some details surrounding the next film from The Strangers director Bryan Bertino, which is to be a found footage film tentatively titled Mockingbird for now.

Universal Finds More Footage

See? We told you found footage flicks were coming out of the woodwork! Just hours after bringing your attention to three new ones from around the globe, Universal has announced that they have another one cooking!

Universal to Celebrate Grim Night

Well, that didn't take very long. Just a few days ago we brought you a promo trailer for a fantastic looking idea called Grim Night from the man behind The Strangers, Bryan Bertino. Given the quality of said trailer, we knew someone would be snapping it up ASAP.

Grim Night - Don't Fear the Reaper My Ass!

What if you knew death was coming down to the very day it arrives? How could you prepare? Who would you talk to? Can anything stop it? These are the questions asked by the new film coming to us from the man behind The Strangers, Bryan Bertino, and we have a look at the first ever promo video for the film right here.

The Strangers Director Turns to This Man...

One of the recent favorites around the Dread Central offices is Bryan Bertino's home invasion flick The Strangers. It's a mean little bastard of a film, packed with enough suspense for five movies. Since then we've been looking forward to seeing what's next for the writer/director. And we finally have our answer.

Laurent Briet in Talks to Direct The Strangers 2

Me? I dug The Strangers. It lost some steam during the second and third acts, but overall it totally did its thing. So much so that sequel talk is a hot subject right now, and there's one director out there who's a front-runner for the gig.

Strangers, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Nomad Starring Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman, Kip Weeks, Gemma Ward, Laura Margolis Directed by Bryan Bertino Distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Strangers 2 Confirmed

Talk about movies that didn’t cry out for a sequel; Variety reports this morning that Rogue Pictures has pulled the trigger on The Strangers 2, with original helmer Bryan Bertino back to pen the script. No word on if he’ll direct again or not.

Strangers DVD Art & Specs

Though I found it dull and derivative, most people out there dug on The Strangers (review) and are probably curious what makes the DVD cut “unrated”. Personally, if it’s not a 20-minute Liv Tyler shower scene, I’m not interested. Considering the “unrated’ cut is only two minutes longer, I doubt we’ll be seeing that.

Bertino Signs for Two More With Rogue

Things are looking good for Bryan Bertino. The writer/director of The Strangers (review) has just signed a deal with Rogue Pictures, Focus Features' genre arm, to bring them two more thrillers in the coming years according to Variety. A Strangers sequel is not part of the deal.