Brutal Massacre

Video Dread Exclusive: Brutal Massacre Cast & Crew

I know this is a bit late, had some technical issues our editor had to deal with, but finally we can present to you the cast & crew interviews for Brutal Massacre: A Comedy (review)! We chat up David Naughton, Gunnar Hansen, Brian O’Halloran and more! Dig it below!

More Rock and Shock Guests Announced

Massachusetts' biggest horror gathering and one of our absolute favorite shows adds a bit more meat to the bones of their fifth show, which will be taking place on October 10th-12th in Worcester, MA. As per usual we've got the early word for you!

Brutal Massacre (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Gerry Bednob, Ken Foree, Gunnar Hansen, David Naughton, Ellen Sandweiss, Brian O’Halloran Directed by Stevan Mena Distributed by Anchor Bay Home Entertainment

A Brutal Massacre Hits LA, Dallas and New York!

Between Malevolence and its upcoming sequel, Stevan Mena wrote, produced and directed another flick that has been getting pretty good press and even a DVD release thanks to Anchor Bay. But ... will we get to see the horror mockumentary known as Brutal Massacre on the big screen?

Event Report: Weekend of Horrors - June 2008

**UPDATE: A ton of pics have just been added to the WoH gallery, so be sure to check it out!**

Anchor Bay's Brutal Massacre

We just got word from Anchor Bay that Brutal Massacre: A Comedy will be out on DVD by July 22nd.

Brutal Premieres This Friday

We last told you about the giant get-together of Ken Foree, Gunnar Hansen and Brian O'Halloran called Brutal Massacre here, and things have been rather quiet for a while. That is all going to change because this week Stevan Mena's latest directorial effort is ready to make a splash.

Mena, Stevan (Brutal Massacre)

What happens when you take several genre vets, hand them over to a talented director, and then make a movie? Simple -- you get a Brutal Massacre! Director Stevan Mena, whom many of you will know from his first badass film Malevolence, returns to the genre with a bit of a diff