Bruce Campbell

UPDATED: Lily Collins Boarding Evil Dead Remake

The first bit of casting news for the remake of the 1981 Sam Raimi film The Evil Dead has made its way online, and we've got the skinny on what fresh-faced actor is getting set to be all bloodied up and violated by a long sleeping Candarian demon.

Doctor Gash's Tip of the Scalpel: A Tribute to Bruce Campbell

"This is my boomstick!" Bruce Campbell was already a full-fledged horror icon before reciting that unforgettable line from Army of Darkness, but this put the cherry on top. "Boomstick" was Campbell's "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", his "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", his "Stairway to Heaven".

The Evil Dead Remake Gets a Release Date

There's been a plethora of new details emerging for the remake of the 1981 Sam Raimi film The Evil Dead lately. Everything from character breakdowns to close dissections of the flick's plot. Now, however, we have something concrete ... a release date!

Lots of New Evil Dead Plot Details

We're all guardedly excited about the upcoming remake of Sam Raimi's 1981 horror classic Evil Dead, and while the plot and the character breakdowns have only been hinted at thus far, the whole enchilada is now here with tons of spoilers. Read it at your own peril.

Evil Dead Remake Ready to Take Flight ... to New Zealand!

If there is one thing we learned from watching Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, it's that New Zealand is home to some of the most beautifully dense forest landscapes we've ever seen. The perfect place to hide a cabin full of Candarian demons!

Evil Dead II: 25th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray)

Starring Bruce Campbell, Sarah Berry, Danny Hicks, Kassie Wessly, Ted Raimi Directed by Sam Raimi

Evil Dead Remake Lands Distribution Deal with Sony Pictures

We knew it was coming, and now we know who will be bringing it to us! The Sam Raimi-Rob Tapert remake of Evil Dead is moving forward with Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions and FilmDistrict partnering with Ghost House Pictures and Sony Pictures to distribute worldwide excluding the UK and France.

Diablo Cody Sheds More Light on the Evil Dead Remake

I remember back when we first broke the news - before anyone else - that a remake of The Evil Dead was on its way. People were skeptical, and rightly so. Now though, it's all water under the bridge, and the flick is well on its way. When it was announced that writer Diablo Cody was handling the scripting details, a shudder went down the spines of fans. Would this flick be riddled with the kind of sharp and spazzy dialog Cody is known for? Read on for the answer.

Exclusive: KNB's Greg Nicotero Talks Evil Dead II, The Walking Dead and More!

When it comes to creating jaw-dropping special make-up effects in movies, it doesn't get any better than the work by Greg Nicotero, one of the masters of KNB EFX, who have been responsible for some of the biggest and best effects of the last 25 years in the industry.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Evil Dead 2 on Blu-ray!

This is the week, kids! Finally a home video package that lives up to the goodness of the film itself! Evil Dead 2 is hitting Blu-ray this week, and we've got your chance to score a copy totally free, right here!

Bruce Campbell Weighs in on The Evil Dead Remake

Okay, kids. More from The Chin himself has come out regarding the upcoming remake of the Sam Raimi classic The Evil Dead, and as always we have the dirt for you right here. We're good like that! Read on!

Exclusive Blu-ray Clip: Evil Dead 2 - The Make-up Team

Rejoice, fellow horror fans! Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn is hitting Blu-ray again, and even though the flick is available in 100's of forms, we can assure you this is THE package you've been waiting for.

The Intruder on Blu-ray - Some Serious Ordering Incentive!

Here at Dread Central we have a lot of love for the good folks over at Synapse Films. They're one of only a handful of distributors that always go the extra mile for fans. Speaking of which ...

Maniac Cop (UK Blu-ray)

Starring Bruce Campbell, Tom Atkins, Laurene Landon Directed by William Lustig Distributed by Arrow Video

AFM 2011: Title Treatment for Evil Dead Remake

Everything concerning the upcoming remake of the Sam Raimi classic The Evil Dead has been kept pretty hush-hush, but every now and again a few drips and drabs trickle out of the camp, and this time it's Lionsgate's title treatment that has us all wet with anticipation.