Brooke Shields

Emily Yetter Flashes a Devilish Smile in New Image from The Exorcist Stage Play

We, like many of you, are ultra curious as to just how the new stage version of the classic William Peter Blatty tale The Exorcist will play out in a live theatre setting. One thing's for sure: Star Emily Yetter has already piqued our curiosity.

More Talent Comes On Board The Exorcist Stage Play

It's amazing. It's like Exorcist-a-mania lately. With a TV miniseries and several other unrelated demonic possession flicks and TV shows on their way, the devil is once again at the top of his game. Read on for the latest on The Exorcist stage play!

Brooke Shields and Richard Chamberlain to Star in The Exorcist Stage Play

Talk about timing! A few of us were in Los Angeles this past weekend and wondered what was up with the stage play version of The Exorcist, and lo and behold a press release just landed in our inbox with all the latest news, including who the stars will be. Curious? Read on for more!