Brook Durham

Witchslayer Gretl (2012)

Starring Shannen Doherty, Paul McGillion, Emilie Ullerup, Sarain Boylan, Jefferson Brown Directed by Mario Azzopardi

A Teaser for Syfy's Gretl: Witch Hunter

Syfy's website and the teaser trailer that debuted today have different names for this film, but for now we'll stick with Gretl: Witch Hunter. Look for it on Saturday, February 25th, at 9/8c.

Syfy's Swamp Volcano Erupts This Weekend; Haunted Forest Double Feature Slated for February

Tired of seeing New York and Los Angeles get destroyed on film? Wish disaster movies could find a different metropolis to reduce to rubble? This weekend’s Swamp Volcano unleashes a lava storm on Miami. And then a month from now you can take a double-dip trip to the black forest of fairy tales in two back-to-back Syfy original premieres: Black Forest and Gretl: Witch Hunter.

The Red Werewolf Hunter Comes Home with an Identity Crisis

If you missed Syfy's disaster of a flick known as Red: Werewolf Hunter (review here), no worries! You can now avoid it at your leisure because it's coming home to DVD!

Red: Werewolf Hunter (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Felicia Day, Stephen McHattie, Kavan Smith, David Reale, Greg Bryk Directed by Sheldon Wilson

Trailer for Syfy's Werewolf Hunting Flick Red Starring Felicia Day

Considering there is a Hollywood action blockbuster titled Red starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, and John Malkovich opening in theaters in October, I would not be at all surprised if Syfy's upcoming werewolf flick Red, starring red hot Felicia Day, undergoes a title change between the time this trailer has been posted and whenever "coming soon" turns out to be.