CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Full Set of Peter Clines' Four-Book Ex-Heroes Series

Peter Clines kicked off his four-book Ex- series back in February of 2010 with Ex-Heroes and ended it this past January with Ex-Purgatory. Novels Ex-Patriots and Ex-Communication came in-between...

Get a Taste of Peter Clines' Ex-Purgatory from this Exclusive Excerpt

As promised when we first told you about Peter Clines' Ex-Purgatory, the fourth installment in his Ex-Heroes series, here's an exclusive excerpt from the novel, which arrives tomorrow, January 14th.

Pre-Order Peter Clines' Ex-Purgatory for a Chance to Chat with the Author!

If you've been holding off on pre-ordering Ex-Purgatory, the fourth installment in Peter Clines' Ex-Heroes series, you may want to jump in and do it now because he's running a very cool promotion.

Peter Clines' Ex-Purgatory Arrives January 14th

Here at Dread Central we're big fans of author Peter Clines, and the fourth installment in his Ex-Heroes series, Ex-Purgatory, is hitting bookstores on January 14th. Read on for the details.

Peter Clines' Ex-Patriots Hitting Bookstores April 23rd

Remember back in February when we talked about Peter Clines' Ex-Heroes novel about zombies versus superheroes? Well, the sequel, Ex-Patriots, is coming next week, and we have all the details you need right here.

CONTEST CLOSED! Read an Excerpt from Peter Clines' Ex-Heroes; Win a Signed Copy

Originally published by a small, print-on-demand press without any publicity or marketing support and almost no physical distribution, Peter Clines’ brilliant debut, Ex-Heroes, still managed to draw an incredible cult following.

Dorchester Leaps onto Broadway

From the file of things labeled "That's Unexpected" comes this news nugget from Dorchester Press, whom we horror fans know as Leisure Books: Dorchester Publishing is thrilled to announce the signing of the Broadway musical option agreement for Leanna Renee Hieber’s 'The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker', a haunting story of love and ghosts in Victorian England.

Carrie - The Musical Casting Details

We’re all ready to laugh at Carrie again as the clairvoyant teen gears up for her second go ‘round on the Broadway circuit. Will she have better luck with this outing than during the short-lived 1988 stage musical that was laughed off the stage? It’s looking like it if today’s casting details are any indication. Keep reading to find out who’ll be bathed in pig’s blood.

Thriller: The Musical?

Though very little is known about it, intrepid reporter Nomad just pointed us to Broadway World, who got word that a Broadway version of Michael Jackson’s epic horror music video “Thriller” is being planned by prolific Broadway producer James Nederlander.

American Psycho Goes to Broadway

Patrick Bateman may have been a very unhappy investment banker at Pierce & Pierce who never could get a reservation at Dorcia's, but at least he will be getting his own American Psycho Broadway musical!