Brittany Snow

Details On New Sasha Grey Film, Would You Rather

Sasha Grey seems to be on the precipice of crossing over into the mainstream entertainment industry, and her apparent affinity for genre filmmaking is quite endearing. Today we bring you news of another genre flick in which Ms. Grey will appear.

Brittany Snow to Have a Really Bad Day in 96 Minutes

Hey it happens. You're just sitting there minding your own business when all of a sudden you are whisked away by some maniac and forced to do whatever they want. At least that's how we landed half of the Dread Central staff. In any event ...

Promo Art for Clock Tower Surfaces!

I’m not sure how they came about it, but the folks over at Filmz.ru got their hands on eight promotional one-sheets for Clock Tower, the long-anticipated adaptation of what many consider to be the first survival horror video game.

Jovovich Set for Clock Tower

**UPDATE: This has since been denied by Jovovich's camp. Sorry folks!** Well, it’s official finally; Milla Jovovich has joined forces with Brittany Snow to take part in Martin Weisz’ upcoming Clock Tower movie, so now we’re fairly confident we can say this one’s not going to be worth the wait.

Snow Set for Clock Tower

After numerous delays, directorial changes, and times when it seemed like it’d be better to just not make the movie at all, Clock Tower is finally getting ready to go in front of cameras this November in Los Angeles. Variety reports that it has even found itself a lead: Brittany Snow.

Prom Night (DVD/Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Brittany Snow, Scott Porter, Jessica Stroup, Dana Davis, Collins Pennie, Johnathon Schaech Directed by Nelson McCormick Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Prom Night (2008)

Reviewed by Nomad Starring Brittany Snow, Dana Davis, Johnathon Schaech and Idris Elba Directed by Nelson McCormick

Prom Night Entertains?

This Friday, April 11th, Prom Night will be pandering to all the kids with its PG-13 friendly jump scares, lamps (“MySpace's Prom Night Clip” – March 2008) and actors who look far older than your average high schooler. But ... it can't all be bad, can it? AitH proved to me that there is something useful to come out of this film and it doesn't even require you having to see it! Check out the video below to see what I'm talking about.

MySpace's Prom Night Clip

Prom Night will be out on April 11th, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that most of the movie will be spoiled by then. The trailer and official site already tell us who the baddie is (“Prom Night Site Lives” – March 2008), so what's really left to surprise us?