Brian Troxell

Have an Open House for Indie Horror

On tap right now is some good old fashioned indie splatter in the form of some new stills and even a trailer for the upcoming flick Open House, not to be confused with the other flick of the same name with "True Blood"'s Stephen Moyer.

Indie Horror Month 2013: New Trailer Home to LOTS of Intrusive Behavior

No more teasing! The first full trailer for the indie effort Intrusive Behavior has finally arrived, and we have it for you, bad temper and all, right here. Check it out, and look for more on this one really soon!

Bust in on the New Poster for Brian Troxell's Intrusive Behavior

Filming is now complete on Intrusive Behavior, billed as the story of a little girl with a bad temper. If past horror films about angry women are any guide, this could be brutal. Check out the first poster for the movie and its teaser trailer from last summer - a new one will be cut soon.

Teaser Trailer Launches for Indie Slasher Ft. Slaughterdale

In an eleventh hour attempt to steal the best horror film title of the year from either Dead Hooker in a Trunk or Know Models Were Harmed, the new spring break slasher Ft. Slaughterdale has thrown its hat into the ring and released a new teaser trailer.