Brian Shirley

Brian Shirley to Unleash his Crocaloctopus

Doesn't that headline sound unspeakably dirty? That's just the way we like them! In any event, in our never ending quest to lend a hand to up-and-comers and to keep you abreast of all types of cool shit that we come across, the time has come to share some news about the dreaded Crocaloctopus. From the Press Release

Astro Noir: The Fixers Character Artwork and Series Teaser

Pulp styled, animated web series "Astro Noir: The Fixers" has released a teaser video and some character profiles offering the first look at the concept art by creator Jason Heath. Starring Deneen Melody, Kitsie Duncan, and Brian Shirley, "Astro Noir" takes us back to take us forward!