Brian Pickard

Sean Kanan Signed to Both Watch Island and Slayers!

Two new projects that we learned about this week have something else in common besides being written by Brian Pickard and co-starring Melinda Chilton: Soap opera heartthrob Sean Kanan ("The Bold and the Beautiful", "The Young and the Restless") has joined the casts of both.

Director Kevin MacDonald Joins Horror Comedy Slayers!

Indie director Kevin MacDonald (Beg, The Witching Hour) has joined the Alexius Omnimedia/Penobscot Films production of scribe Brian Pickard’s horror comedy Slayers! Melinda Chilton is attached to star in the film.

Early Details on Proposed New Franchise Watch Island

We're always interested when word comes about a potential new horror franchise, especially if the big bad sounds promising. Today we bring you the first details on Watch Island, which is being produced by Bradley Hvolbeck, Jr., of Breaking Waves Entertainment and his partner Pietro D'Alessio of Alexius OmniMedia.