Brian Henson

Happytime Murders Won't Be Kid Stuff

Well then. This seems like quite the good weekend for fans of evil puppets and killer dolls. First news came that Chucky is coming back in frightening form, and now word has arrived that Happytime Murders won't be pulling any punches either.

First Happytime Murders Concept Art Fills Your Chalk Outline

Another project that's been simmering since 2008 is now coming to a boil as the first bits of concept art from Happytime Murders have slipped online. Check 'em out, or we'll kick the stuffing out of you!

Katherine Heigl to Participate in The Happytime Murders

Poor Katherine Heigl. First it's announced yesterday that she'll be going Face Blind in her next movie, and now she has to tango with evil puppets in The Happytime Murders. All in a day's work!

Lionsgate to Commit Happytime Murders

How many people out there watched "Angel" and love the "Smile Time" episode?