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Ron Howard Reveals Dark Tower Adaptation Is Still in the Works

It's been a few years now that we've been hearing rumors about Ron Howard's adaptation of the Stephen King series The Dark Tower, a project that has been on-again, off-again so many times that we're not even sure what's happening with it anymore.

The Dark Tower Ready to Rise Again? That Was Quick!

About four hours ago we reported that Warner Bros. passed on making the long talked about epic-sized adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower. Well in Hollyweird a whole lot can take place in just a few hours.

Warner Bros. Passes on The Dark Tower; Could the Project Now Be Dead?

Well, Stephen King fans, things aren't looking good for the proposed adaptation of his The Dark Tower series. Earlier this month we learned Warner Bros. would be making a decision on moving ahead with the project within two weeks, and said two weeks are up...

Dark Tower Talk Revived at Warner Brothers; Javier Bardem Out - Russell Crowe In?

Interesting news coming out of the home that the Bunny built! Will this latest King adaptation finally come to pass, or is the Gunslinger still shooting blanks? Read on for the latest.

Is Warner Brothers the Next Studio to Climb The Dark Tower?

After Universal passed on moving forward with the planned three-film, two-TV miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic tale The Dark Tower, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer pledged to keep the project going, and it looks like they just might... with Warner Bros.

A Short but Sweet Update on The Dark Tower from Ron Howard

A bit of time has passed since our last update on the struggling adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower saga, but fans shouldn't give up just yet as director Ron Howard has provided a brief update via Twitter.

Anne Rice's Lestat Returning to the Big Screen in The Tale of the Body Thief

It must be a wonderful time to be Anne Rice. Not only is her return to supernatural fiction, The Wolf Gift, just a few days away from publication (look for it 2/14/12), but today comes news that The Tale of the Body Thief, Book IV of The Vampire Chronicles, is heading to the big screen!

Ron Howard Managing Dark Tower Expectations

There's been a lot of sunshine and roses type of news coming out lately for the adaptation of the classic Stephen King saga The Dark Tower, and now director Ron Howard has come forward to do a bit of talking himself. Read on!

Latest Dark Tower Update Involves HBO

And the beat goes on for those of us looking out for updates on the Ron Howard/Brian Grazer adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower with the pace picking up quite a bit thanks to the latest news from Grazer. Apparently now HBO will be handling the TV portion of the duo's vision for the series, which encompasses multiple films and television seasons.

The Dark Tower Very Much Alive!

It's time for Dark Tower fans to start breathing some sighs of sweet relief, as producer Brian Grazer has a lot of good news for you folks out there looking forward to the film adaptation of the Stephen King western-supernatural saga.

Dark Tower Not Dead Yet - More Chatter from Producer Brian Grazer

Never say die, Dark Tower fans! Today some more chatter about the project's film and TV adaptations is coming in from producer Brian Grazer, and it's pretty encouraging.

Stephen King Talks Dismantling of the Dark Tower at Universal

We're still bummed about Universal pulling the plug on Ron Howard's really ambitious take on adapting the much beloved Stephen King saga The Dark Tower. Are we surprised though? Not really. Another person who saw this coming was King himself. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, King offered the following comments on the film's demise:

Universal Pulls the Plug on The Dark Tower

With all the Comic-Con news filling up our home page, you'd think there's nothing else going on in the world of genre filmmaking, but of course there is, and we're doing our best to bring you all the news that's out there -- even if it's as depressing as this latest story.

Brian Grazer And Ron Howard Talk Dark Tower

With Ron Howard's herculean Dark Tower project on hold for now, fans can't help but lose faith in what should be an epic adaptation of one of Stephen King's greatest works. Good thing for us Ron Howard and producing partner Brian Grazer are ready with updates when we need them the most.