Brian Giberson

Halo-8 Announces New Comic Book/Illustrated Film The Long Knives

During their recent panel at WonderCon entitled "Halo-8: Comic Books and Illustrated Films," Halo-8 reps announced their next original comic book/illustrated film transmedia combo will be Matt Pizzolo's The Long Knives, "a giallo horror, bare-knuckled revenge movie with an otherworldly Tim Burton-esque aesthetic." The artwork will be courtesy of newcomer illustrator Ana Ludeshka.

Xombie to Be Reanimated by Halo-8

Halo-8 Entertainment is kicking copious amounts of ass when it comes to the innovative animation technique known as "illustrated filmmaking", and upon completion of their recently announced upcoming Loaded Bible project, they will next be producing the horror/sci-fi adventure Xombie: Reanimated created by James Farr.

Loaded Bible to Be Halo-8's Next Illustrated Film

Halo-8 Entertainment has secured the rights for award-winning director Matt Pizzolo and Emmy-winning producer Brian Giberson to create an "illustrated film" adaptation of Loaded Bible: Jesus vs. Vampires, a post-nuke horror comic book published by Image Comics and created by Tim Seeley. A 2010 theatrical release is planned for the film.