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Go Behind the Scenes of Paranormal Asylum

Paranormal Asylum is set to be released in the US today, and right now we have several behind-the-scenes videos for you to dig on. Check 'em out!

Exclusive Image Takes a Peek at the Paranormal Asylum

Paranormal Asylum is set to be released in the US on September 17th, and right now we have an exclusive look at one of the flick's biggest stars... the asylum itself. Check it out!

Paranormal Asylum Getting Set to Open its Doors

Filmmaker Brian Feeney just wrote in with a quick note to remind us that his latest film, Paranormal Asylum, is set to be released in the UK this August and in the US on September 17th, 2013. Check out some artwork and details right here.

The Echo Game Making a Return to Time Warner Cable and Comcast Xfinity's VOD

Brian Feeney's psychological thriller The Echo Game is making a triumphant return to the video on demand universe via Time Warner Cable and Comcast Xfinity, just in time for Halloween! Check out the new NSFW European trailer and three clips.

DVD Cover Art and New Stills from The Echo Game

It was a little over a year ago when Brian Feeney's The Echo Game was picked up for distribution by MTI Home Video, and now that it's available on DVD, the filmmaker has provided with a few new stills along with an update on how and where you can watch the flick.

Echo Game, The (2009)

Starring Alisha Seaton, Jeannie Bolet, Melissa Lee, and Judy Clement Directed by Brian Feeney

The Echo Game: New Stills, Trailer, and Film Fest/Distro Info

We haven't heard much about Brian Feeney's The Echo Game since the first of the year, but there's been a lot going on behind the scenes of the flick -- such as acquiring distribution, cutting a new trailer, and prepping for a film fest run. Read on for the details.

Behind-the-Scenes Video --The Echo Game

We've been following the progress of Brian Feeney's supernatural slasher flick The Echo Game pretty damned closely around here. Why? Because we strive to deliver badassery to you on a daily basis! Sometimes, though, we need a bit of assistance, and help came when Feeney himself dropped us a line to let us know about a special behind-the-scene video that he has just put up. Dig it!

Director Talks The Echo Game: EXCL: Trailer, Promo-Art, and Stills

Director Brian Feeney provided Dread Central with an exclusive first look at the trailer for his supernatural slasher flick The Echo Game (see it below) as well as a piece of promotional artwork and a couple of stills from the flick, which is currently in post-production.

Exclusive FX Shots & Comments on The Echo Game!

This morning we received yet more shots from Brian Feeney’s upcoming directorial debut, The Echo Game, this batch focusing on some of the effects behind the film, and producer Asa Shumska-Tait talked with us a bit about their approach to the f

Exclusive Echo Game Shots

Director Brian Feeney threw some exclusive stills from behind the scenes of his directorial debut, Echo Game, which we gave you the first word on last week. Nothing too revealing so don’t worry for spoilers; keep it on Dread for updates on this very cool sounding indie!

Exclusive Look at The Echo Game

Yesterday we received word from director Brian Feeney about his debut directorial venture, a film called The Echo Game. Intrigued by the title, I looked into it and discovered what looks to be a pretty classy production with an interesting storyline. Really, what more can you ask for?