Brett Donowho

Inception Media Group Unleashing 5 Souls onto DVD

No, this is not a prequel to the recently released 6 Souls, but if you wanna make believe it is, we wouldn't be entirely against that, if only for fun. Seriously, what we have here is another prime example of why you should never make a pact with the Devil.

Who Will Save Your 5 Souls?

When tragedy strikes, the first thing we do is look for someone to blame. Most of the time there is no one ... but sometimes? Well sometimes there is, and sooner or later cosmic retribution will come their way!

No Tell Motel Leaves the Fright on For You

Hotels and motels are weird places, man. Just imagine the residual horrors that can be left behind along with your continental breakfast. And don't even get me started about the sheets!

Spooky Things Happening At Silver Falls in Time For Cannes

Time to kick off your Monday work week with a bit of spookiness from the UK in the form of a new trailer, still, and one-sheet for At Silver Falls. Dive in! The water is cold, slimy, and morbid!

Check in to Terror at the No Tell Motel

Motels creep me out. Even the nicer ones. You just never know what kind of stuff has gone down in the place you're ready to lay your head for the evening. Take our advice, though... should you run into the No Tell Motel in your travels, stay far away from Room 6.