Brendan Fletcher

Uwe Boll's Rampage: Capital Punishment Locked and Loaded for Home Video Release

Back in 2009 Uwe Boll released the violent mass-murder film Rampage, which is really the only movie he's put out that wasn't universally hated by nearly every single human being on the planet. Naturally, it didn't take long for him to set his sights on a sequel...

Exclusive Teaser Artwork Premiere - Uwe Boll's Rampage 2

A few weeks back we told you that Dr. Uwe Boll was already hard at work on a sequel to his - honestly - great film Rampage, and now, just in time for the European Film Market, we have the exclusive premiere of the film's teaser artwork along with a first look trailer.

Uwe Boll on Another Rampage

A few years back infamous director Uwe Boll did the unthinkable... he released a really, and we mean really, good movie in Rampage starring Brendan Fletcher. Seriously, you wouldn't even think Boll was behind this one. Can lightning strike twice?

Terror Moves into 13 Eerie this April

The artwork and specs for 13 Eerie's home video release have arrived, and it's very successful at evoking that Friday the 13th feeling. Though that may have something to do with the giant 13 and Friday's font being on the cover.

13 Eerie Sales Trailer Preys For Cannes

Just in time for Cannes the official sales trailer for 13 Eerie has made its way online, and we have every pixel of it here cold off the slab and ready to infect you! Check it out!

13 Eerie Trailer Preys For You!

The official trailer for 13 Eerie has made its way online, and we have every second of it right here waiting for you to ingest with your eyes. Wow. That sounded kind of nasty, no? Read on!

Rampage (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Brendan Fletcher, Shawn Sipos, Matt Frewer, Lynda Boyd, Michael Pare Written and Directed by Uwe Boll Uwe Boll is one angry dude.