Breck Eisner

Image Gallery Now Open: The Crazies

We're just a couple of days away before The Crazies run rampant at the box office, and to commemorate this auspicious occasion, we have dozens and dozens of stills from the flick for you -- some never seen before!

New Clip From The Crazies Gets Bloody

Yet another new clip has found its way online for the upcoming redux of the Romero classic The Crazies, and it takes us deep into the morgue at Ogden Marsh!

The Crazies Comic, iPhone App, and Facebook Games Are Here

As the “outbreak” of Overture Films’ release of The Crazies (in theatres Friday, February 26th) draws closer, the studio is gearing up for an exciting launch of a comic book series inspired by the film along with various other multimedia content including a motion comic book series, Facebook “tower defense” game, and more. The film is produced and distributed by Overture Films and co-financed by Participant Media.

UK Quad Poster for The Crazies

If there's one thing that drives us crazy around the Dread Central offices, it's how much cooler European posters tend to be compared to what we get here in the States. Case in point? The new UK quad for Breck Eisner's remake of the George A. Romero classic The Crazies, which is hitting theatres February 26, 2010.

A Motion Comic That Will Give You a Case of The Crazies

We remember a year or so ago referring to the month of February as "The Twenty-Eight Days of Suck". The shortest month of the year had become a veritable dumping ground for terrible horror movies that weren't worth a single second of your time. February, 2010, however ... totally the opposite. The Wolfman, Shutter Island, and The Crazies are all up at bat, and to gear up for the latter, a new motion comic has slipped online to whet the proverbial whistle!

Looking for Your Dad? He's in the Sixth Clip From The Crazies

Not even twenty-four hours have passed, and already there's a new clip from The Crazies online. This has to be a record somewhere. We're venturing into Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 new image every day territory!

New Clip From The Crazies Warns There's Somebody Out There

The fifth clip for The Crazies has infected the online community, and we have it for you sans rubber gloves and Tyvek suits. Be warned, people ...

Another New Clip from The Crazies Asks What Does It Mean?

Okay. These people are serious about getting us to the multiplex. Three hours later, and another new clip from The Crazies has hit the Net. Please, guys! Save us something for the theatres!

Third Clip for The Crazies Takes Us to the Car Wash .... Car Wash, Yeah!

What better way to kick off the weekend than with a another clip from a badass looking flick that brings a certain disco song to mind? Now if only someone could track down Rose Royce and kill them too!

New Stills: The Crazies - The Infection is Spreading!

Some new goodies today from The Crazies. Seems like more and more promo stuff is coming each day, and the good news? All of it looks pretty badass! Who's ready for some new stills?

Are You Ready For Some Carnage? The Crazies Super Bowl Ad!

So the big game is right around the corner, and you know what that means ... kickass commercials! And nothing goes better with kickin' ass than going a little crazy! Speaking of which ...

Second Clip from The Crazies Infects Online

Yet another clip has dropped online to get you geared up for the latest Romero flick to get the remake treatment, and this one asks a very important question -- "Is He Dead?"

New Stills and a Clip: The Crazies

More violent goodies have dropped online to get you geared up for the latest Romero flick to get the remake treatment, and we have them for you without the risk of contracting some foul disease. We're good like that!

Two TV Spots for The Crazies Pack Some New Footage

The first two TV spots for the latest Romero flick getting the remake treatment have slipped online just in time for the weekend. Again ... things are looking psychotically sweet!

Unnerving New Trailer - The Crazies

Another new look at the latest Romero flick getting the remake treatment, The Crazies, has found its way into our inbox, and it's just the thing that we need to help us deal with the hazards of hump day.