Brandon Slagle

Teaser Trailer Invites You Into the House of Manson

Over 40 years after becoming one of the most infamous characters in American history, Charles Manson still manages to captivate, as evidenced by the multitude of films and television series in the works about his life and crimes.

New Dead Sea Clip and Stills Swim On In

Another new clip is here from the sea-faring indie monster flick Dead Sea along with a pair of stills. Look for the flick to be hitting DVD on April 15th! Enough talk - dig on the goods courtesy of FEARnet!

First Clip Rises Up From the Dead Sea

The first clip is here from the sea-faring indie monster flick Dead Sea, which will be hitting DVD on April 15th! Check it out and revel in the glory days of good old fashioned monster movies!

Sail the Dead Sea Home to DVD

The official artwork is here for the sea-faring indie monster flick Dead Sea, which will be hitting DVD on April 15, and we truly dig it! In fact, it's a fine example of artwork alone being enough to make us watch the flick. Remember those times? Ah, the 80s!

Director Brandon Slagle Entering The House of Manson

There are few people in the world more infamous than Charles Manson. The dude is the embodiment of evil, and as a result the fascination with him continues to grow and maintain. Another film chronicling his madness is on its way, and we have your details right here.

Full Trailer Comes Out of the Dead Sea

Every 30 years, it returns to feast on attractive young people. 2014 is that year. While you wait for the limited theatrical and home video release of Dead Sea, feast your eyes on the full trailer, which teaches you all about the legend of the film's serpentine monster!

Teaser Swims in From the Dead Sea

You know the drill. Hot chicks. Sea monster. Blood. Boobs. Feast your eyes on it all in the teaser trailer for Dead Sea, which you'll find right here. Chew it slowly. It's the good stuff!

AFM 2013: Toothy New Artwork Emerges For Dead Sea

AFM begins today and Origin Releasing and Micro Bay Features have released some new sales art for their upcoming action/creature feature Dead Sea, and we have a look at it right here for you.

First Stills from Upcoming Creature Feature Dead Sea

Origin Releasing and Micro Bay Features have released the first stills from their upcoming action/creature feature Dead Sea, and we have a look at them right here for you along with the early details on the flick.

An Altogether Different Creature from the Black Lagoon

Calm down, Universal monster fans. The following story has nothing to do with a remake, redux, reimagining, rebirth, retelling, redundant of your favorite gillman. This is a beast of another kind, one that grins with a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth!

Make a Date with The Black Dahlia Haunting

Wondering when you'll be able to see the spooky new flick The Black Dahlia Haunting? Well, wonder no more as we finally have a VOD premiere date. Read on for details and to have a look at the latest one-sheet!

The Black Dahlia Haunting Gets Distro

We have some quick distribution news for The Black Dahlia Haunting as word has come that the ghostly new flick has been picked up by Origin Releasing for North American distribution. Hooray for spooky!

New Theatrical Trailer and Poster Released for The Black Dahlia Haunting

Fresh off its recent screening at Shockfest Film Festival in Hollywood, The Black Dahlia Haunting has released a new theatrical trailer and creepy promotional poster. Dig the artwork and get a look at the preview right here.

Teaser Trailer Debut and Premiere Details for The Black Dahlia Haunting

The first official teaser trailer for Brandon Slagle's paranormal psychological thriller The Black Dahlia Haunting landed in our inbox, and we have it right here along with info on the film's world premiere at Scare-A-Con to be held next month in Syracuse, New York.

Teaser Trailer, Stills, and First Details on Patient Zero

Writer/director Brian T. Jaynes dropped us a line to let us know that the teaser trailer for his newest project, Patient Zero, is now available, and we have it for you right here along with a few stills and other details regarding the film.