Brain Damage

A Claymation Homage to 80s Horror

In our relentless pursuit of bringing you every friggin' cool thing we possibly can, we have another video for you cats to dig on that we know you're gonna love. Especially if you're a big fan of 80s horror!

Info on Mondo's Universal Monsters Gallery, Kick-Off Poster, and Fantastic Fest Activities

Mondo has some pretty amazing things lined up for Fantastic Fest, now under way in Austin, Texas, including the announcement of October's gallery show for Universal Monsters! Read on for the details.

NYC's Anthology Film Archives Presents Frank Henenlotter Film Retrospective

Some people just have a knack for certain things. Michael Jordan could play basketball like there was no tomorrow, Sam Kinison was a master of comedy, Bobby Fischer could hold his own in chess and Stu Ungar knew his way around a card table. In that vein Frank Henenlotter had his niche as well…making outrageously over-the-top and wildly entertaining films.

Belial & Poltergeists to Prom Night

News today came crawling out of the wicker bag over at Davis DVD that Basket Case 2 will be getting a region 1 DVD release on October 30th! No more need to pay the extra cash on multi-region video players and discs now! And kiss your bootleg copy goodbye because this new release from Synapse Films features a video transfer from the original 35mm negative!