Bradley Cooper

Elizabeth Banks to Head Out into the Dark Fields?

We've been big fans of Elizabeth Banks ever since her role in Slither (we'll just pretend that The Uninvited never happened), and so we're kind of stoked that there's a good chance she'll be returning to our genre really soon!

More Rabid Wolves on the Prowl in The Grey

Wolves are everywhere lately. Be they supernatural or realistic. If Adam Green's Frozen did anything, it reminded us just how dangerous these predators can be.

LaBeouf Out, Bradley Cooper in to Plow Dark Fields

There will be no time spent in the fields for Shia LeBeouf as the actor has moved out of the Dark Fields for some greener pastures. In his place? Hangover star Bradley Cooper.

How You Can Help Midnight Meat Train

The other day we got an e-mail from a fan by the name of “Meat Lover” (doubtful that’s his Christian name…) with a call to rally behind Midnight Meat Train (review) in the hopes that Lionsgate will listen to the fans, for once, and give it a bigger release than its planned 100 theater dumping.