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Second World War Z Clip Gets Someone 7 Years of Bad Luck; New Banner

It's safe to say that the World War Z hype wheel is spinning at full speed. On tap right now we have another banner featuring some good old fashioned anarchy in the UK as well as the second clip from the movie! Dig 'em!

Two More World War Z Banners Bring Destruction and Chaos; Video Game Demo!

Two more banners in the series of zombie apocalypse one-sheets have arrived via Paramount, and we have the new ones for you right here along with the older ones in the set. Also, as a bonus we also have a gameplay video on tap for the new World War Z: The Video Game mobile app.

Here's a New World War Z Clip Served Up Hot and Fresh!

The zombie chaos is getting set to begin, and to usher it in properly, we have a new clip from World War Z on tap for you to chew on. Let's hope this one rises above expectations and ends up being damned tasty!

World War Z - The Six Banners of the Apocalypse

Worldwide destruction is the order of the day when it comes to the following series of banners for the upcoming World War Z, and these we like. Very much so! Chaos, flames, and zombies? You had us at hello.

Latest International World War Z One-Sheet Home to a Photoshopped Family in Peril

Of all the one-sheets we've seen in promotion of World War Z, this is easily the worst of the bunch as it proves even the best of ideas can be trampled into the ground by an overzealous designer and his Photoshop suite.

World War Z - Muse Plays for the UK Undead June 2nd

Ever since we heard that remixed version of "Shrinking Universe" in the trailer for 28 Weeks Later years ago, we knew that if anyone could possibly give a dramatic score to the zombie apocalypse, it would be MUSE. If you agree, then you MUST read on!

Positive World War Z Buzz Feasts on the Flesh of the Past Negativity

World War Z has begun screening across the United States, and given all the negative buzz surrounding the movie's trials and tribulations, you may find yourself pretty damned surprised at the reactions Hollywood, fans, and critics are having!

Official World War Z One-Sheet Adopts International Flavor

Today Paramount released the final one-sheet for Wolrd War Z, and rather than start from scratch, they've adopted the international poster and changed it a bit for us gringos. Can't blame 'em. It's a damned fine piece of art.

UPDATED: Three New TV Spots for World War Z Crawling with Jenga Zombies!

Three more TV spots for World War Z have risen from the grave to quickly climb atop the rest of the stuff we've seen from the flick thus far, and who knows how high this mountain of the living dead will grow!

New World War Z Spot Explores the World You Know

Just when you think you know it all, a new TV spot for World War Z shows up to remind us that anarchy and chaos are always waiting right around the corner. Zombies being involved is just a bonus!

World War Z Game Launching on iOS and Android Devices

On May 30th Paramount Digital Entertainment and Phosphor Games Studio will release World War Z the game for iOS and Android devices. Players will be dropped into a world of chaos with over 28 levels that will offer intense combat and engaging puzzles. The plan is simple--fight to survive!

New World War Z PSA Remains Calm in the Face of Horror

Let's face it. When the dead start returning to life and feasting on the living, somebody has to have a cool head about things. Someone has to be thinking straight before getting their asses bitten off in a frenzy. That somebody is here in this new World War Z PSA.

The Truth Coming Out Regarding World War Z Woes

It's hard to recall the last time there was this much drama around a project (Scream 4 maybe?), but World War Z is the current reigning champ of production trouble, and the truth is just about ready to be told.

First World War Z Featurette Raises the Dead

Next on tap for you kind folks looking forward to the Zombie Jenga effect of World War Z, we have a behind-the-scenes featurette featuring comments from the cast, the crew, and more! The living dead declined comment in favor of chewing on a severed arm. Next time!

Marc Forster Clarifies Details Regarding World War Z Reshoots

The woes surrounding World War Z have been well documented since the movie went into production. That being said, a release is finally in sight, and director Marc Forster recently decided to clarify things regarding the reshoots.