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New Trailer for Deon Taylor's Chain Letter

Finally a new trailer has arrived for director Deon Taylor's long time coming horror flick Chain Letter. New Films International will be unleashing the flick in select theatres on August 6th, 2010.

Deon Taylor Sends Out His Chain Letter in August

Finally a release date has come for director Deon Taylor's long time coming horror flick Chain Letter. New Films International announced today that they will be unleashing the flick on to DVD on August 6th, 2010.

New Teaser Trailer: Brad Dourif in Death and Cremation

Have you decided what you want done with your remains once you croak? The main options really don't sound very appealing -- you could either be insect food six feet under or be burned until you're nothing more than just a pile of ash. I'm for the third alternative -- getting stuffed with candy, strung up, and then bludgeoned by my mourners until said candy bursts through that zany Y-incision. That way ... huh? Oh yeah, sorry! A new teaser trailer for the Brad Dourif vehicle Death and Cremation has hit online, and we've got a peek at it for you!

Born of Earth (2008)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Daniel Baldwin, Brad Dourif, James Russo, Jennifer Kincer, Shannon Zeller Directed by Tommy Brunswick Something born of earth has bore its way to the surface and now it's going to bore the hell out of you. Oh, yes, you will be bored - bored of earth.

Halloween II (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by MattFini Starring Scout Taylor Compton, Tyler Mane, Malcolm McDowell, Danielle Harris, Brad Dourif Directed by Rob Zombie Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

AFM: New Films to Deliver Deon Taylor's Chain Letter

If you're a regular reader of the site, then you know that we've touted Deon Taylor as an up-and-coming director to watch. And now that New Films has acquired his film Chain Letter during AFM, you'll soon be able to see if we're right.

Exclusive Stills: Fading of the Cries

Here at Dread Central we pride ourselves on working fast to get you cool shit on new movies before anyone else. Sometimes we fail miserably, but most times we succeed. Get ready for a little success in the vein of some exclusive new stills from Brian Metcalf's horror/fantasy Fading of the Cries starring Brad Dourif. Synopsis

Fading of the Cries Movie Trailer

Writer/director Brian Metcalf's horror/fantasy Fading of the Cries is still in heavy post production, meaning that it'll be a while before we can expect a finished product, but a trailer has surfaced to provide a glimpse of what we can expect.

Halloween 2: Brackett Sends out an SOS

Another image from one of the most talked about (both good and bad) sequels in recent memory, Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, surfaced online today, this time of Brad Douriff as Sheriff Brackett calling for some back-up! Since Myers can now flip cars, we think he's gonna need it!

Super Early Art for Chain Letter

You know what? I'm super excited about Deon Taylor's upcoming flick, Chain Letter, and not just because the movie has a great cast and is rumored to have some insane kills.

Kirschner Talks Child's Play Redux

Recently we caught up with Don Mancini and David Kirschner regarding the upcoming Child's Play remake so it was time to do a little diggin'! We all know that Dourif is coming back and that the duo want to bring the remake back to the film's scarier roots, but was there anything else to learn at this point?

Updated: Child's Play Anniversary DVD!

**Scroll to the bottom for the update!** Great news out there for all you fans of tiny dolls that have been running amok due in part to demonic infestations!

Exclusive: More Chain Letter Details!

While discussing some of the finer points of his next outing as a vampire in the film Blood Shot (read about it here), actor Michael Bailey Smith dropped some new info on Dread Central about his role as the Chain Man in the upcoming Twisted Pictures production, Chain Letter.