Box Office

The Ghastly Love of Johnny X Lowest Grossing Movie of 2012

Back in February of 2012 we told you about a little indie flick called The Ghastly Love of Johnny X. Nobody heard us. Nobody listened. And now... well now the little flick has gone on to live in infamy!

Dark Skies Not Exactly Hovering Above the Oscar Weekend Box Office

Fact: By the year 2015 all theatrically released horror movies will be billed as being "From the Producers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious." With that being slapped on movies like Dark Skies, it’s hard not to believe its enticement value is rapidly being diminished.

Beautiful Creatures Dies Hard at the Box Office

As Hollywood begins churning out more and more genre-centric romantic young adult flicks, desperately hoping that tweener girls experiencing Twilight withdrawal will give rise to a new cash cow franchise, a harsh reality is lost on these producers.

Warm Bodies Anything But Cold at the Box Office

It was a good weekend for young zombies with Warm Bodies, less so for new movies featuring actors with one foot in the grave (Stallone, Pacino, Walken). Meanwhile fairy tale monster slayers prove they have more life in them than Leatherface.

Box Office: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Lures Many Moviegoers into Its Gingerbread House

Audiences had no interest in an aging Austrian action hero last weekend, but they showed up this weekend to see a pair of younger action heroes save a Bavarian forest from witchery.

Mama is the Queen of the Martin Luther King Day Box Office

As the country prepares to remember the man who had a dream, moviegoers were more interested in nightmares. It may be the Martin Luther King Day weekend, but the four-day holiday box office belongs to a queen, and her name is Mama.

Box Office: A Haunted House Opens Big, Texas Chainsaw 3D Runs Out of Gas

The box office weekend may have belonged to the hunt for Osama Bin Laden; but dick, fart, and pot jokes helped the Paranormal Activity spoof A Haunted House open big in second place.

Leatherface Chainsaws His Way to the Top of the Box Office

There’s still life in the ol’ chainsaw after all. The latest Leatherface reboot/sequel, Texas Chainsaw 3D, revved up the new year, taking the top spot and all but assuring many more sequels/reboots/prequels/reimaginings to come. I guess 20 really is the new 40.

Box Office: Not Too Many Moviegoers Adding to The Collection

A good news/bad news situation for The Collection at this weekend’s box office: The good is that it opened to nearly the same amount as its 2009 predecessor; the bad is that The Collector wasn’t exactly a box office hit either.

Halloween Box Office: Hotel Transylvania Tops, Paranormal Activity Drops, Silent Hill Flops

As the 2012 Halloween movie season draws to a close the big box office winner is… Hotel Transylvania? Yep! This Halloween belonged to the kiddies. It sure didn’t belong to Silent Hill: Revelation or Paranormal Activity 4.

Paranormal Not Scaring Up as Much Box Office Activity as It Used To

Paranormal Activity 4, to no one’s surprise, ruled the box office this weekend. What might be somewhat surprising is how much less money it opened to compared to previous installments.

Sinister Gets Taken at the Box Office by Argo

Audiences were still Taken with Liam Neeson for the second weekend in a row, and a movie about how a fake movie saved lives took second. Both nearly fell victim to a new horror movie about a writer encountering evil lurking within some Sinister home movies.

Weekend Box Office: Not Much Room in the Hotel Transylvania for Frankenweenie

In this weekend’s box office showdown between 3D animated kiddy Halloween monster movies, Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie was something of a surprise loser, proving no match for Adam Sandler’s Dracula and the rest of the monsters vacationing in the Hotel Transylvania.

Lots of Moviegoers Check into Hotel Transylvania

It was a great weekend if you’re a Sony executive given they owned the #1 and #2 slots at the box office this weekend with the kiddy animated monster movie Hotel Transylvania and time traveling action flick Looper. Not so great for those of you hoping to ever see Dredd 2.

Was the House at the End of the Street Where Resident Evil Lives Filled with Dredd?

It was a great weekend for an action thriller about two cops ambushed in a bad part of town by drug dealers. Unfortunately for Dredd 3D, that movie was End of Watch. While it dueled with House at the End of the Street for #1, Resident Evil: Retribution got evicted from the top spot in a big way.