Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Deluxe Edition Available Soon

Quirk Classics has had such great success with its Pride and Prejudice and Zombies that it's preparing a Deluxe Heirloom Edition of the best seller. Read on for all the details.

Horror Sites Join Up for Halloween Horrors '09

Dread Central is pleased to once again join with several other genre book review sites for "Halloween Horrors '09", a collaborative effort to create a virtual guide to titles guaranteed to keep readers up at night. DC's contribution is our Frostbite: A Werewolf Tale review by Morgan Elektra.

Carolyn, Axelle (Dark Delicacies III, Etc)

I first becam

Black Devil Doll Novels Now On Sale

Who knew? You know the old saying "Stranger things have happened?" Well, it doesn't get much stranger than this. The most offensive movie of the year, Black Devil Doll (review here), has gotten itself an honest to goodness real-deal novelization and you can get your hands on that bad boy right now.

Axelle Carolyn Talks Horror, Acting, Writing, and Journalism

I first became acquainted with Axelle Carolyn when she authored an article in Fangoria magazine and I was struck by her unusual name. At first I thought she had just flipped her names (I wasn’t aware at the time that “Axelle” is a Belgian/French female given name) and was really Carolyn Axelle.

Johnson's Latest Book of Bloody Goodness

Fresh off the success of his novel Cane River: A Ghost Story, our own resident spooky guy, Scott A. Johnson, unleashes his latest, City of Demons, on the world. Set in Houston, the book is a blood-soaked tale of a cop tracking a serial killer.

Video Trailer for del Toro and Hogan's The Strain

It seems like the latest new thing in literary promotions is a video trailer for upcoming novels. And there isn't a more highly anticipated book on the horizon than Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's co-written The Strain, so of course it's gone viral too!

Japanese Horror Story – It'll Get You in the End!

There are gimmicks, and then there are gimmicks. And today we got the drop on a story that will make you want to drop your drawers and settle in for some alone time. Seriously. Why take a book into the bathroom when you can actually read the toilet paper?

Leisure Books Calls for "Fresh Blood"

Attention wannabe writers! Attention noob writers! Do you want your chance to become rich, famous, and published by one of the largest horror publishers in the business? Leisure Books just announced that, in partnership with Rue Morgue Magazine and horror fiction site ChiZine, they will present a new writing contest specifically for unpublished horror authors. And what will the first prize be, you might ask?

Video Promo for Meg: Hell's Aquarium

Now this is something different: a video promo for an upcoming novel. On May 19, 2009, author Steve Alten unleashes Meg: Hell's Aquarium, the fourth chapter of his highly acclaimed Meg series, on the general public.

Horror Sites Join Up for Spring Into Terror '09

Dread Central is pleased to join with MonsterLibrarian.com, Horror Fiction Review, Horrorworld.org, Hellnotes.com, and Dark Scribe Magazine for "Spring Into Terror '09", a collaborative effort to give readers of horror fiction insight into some of this year's recent releases.

Jordan to Helm Graveyard Book

Back in October it was announced that Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book, which recently took home the John Newbury Medal for year’s most outstanding contribution to children’s literature, would be headed to the big screen. At the time few details were known other than the fact that the UK effects house Framestore had the rights, but today an exciting bit has been added.