The Sentinel Remake on its Way! Awkward Masturbation Ensues!

If you're one of the few people who remember the genuinely frightening film The Sentinel, then you will be interested to know that a remake is on its way from Universal with Blumhouse Productions steering the ship!

Teddy Sears Brings Horror to the Curve

More casting news has come for another film from Blumhouse Productions, Curve, as Teddy Sears has signed on to bring a little bit of terror to this tale. Read on for details.

White Smoke Rising From the Vatican! A New Evil Has Been Chosen!

Usually when you see white smoke emanating from the Vatican, it means that a new Pope has been chosen. That being said, we have a sneaky suspicion that's not gonna be the case here with the new Blumhouse terror tale, White Smoke.

Julianne Hough Shows Off Her Curves for Universal and Blumhouse

Blumhouse Productions is ready to continue its successful partnership with Universal as word of the latest film from the producers of Paranormal Activity has hit the Curve.