Massive Amount of Features on Hellboy 2 DVDs!

Today IGN got the lowdown on what we can expect from the three different version of Hellboy II: The Golden Army on home video we told you about earlier this month, but we had no idea just how long the list of supplements would be for those willing to fork out a few extra bucks on November 11th.

Otis is Decked Out in Blu!

It's pretty easy to see that WB's Raw Feed (official site) is picking up where Lionsgate left off by providing killer direct-to-video horror flicks

Specs and Art for Zombie's 3-Disc Halloween

In August of last year Uncle Creepy and myself sat in an empty theatre with our jaws hung open as we experienced Rob Zombie's Halloween (review). We had just been assaulted by the f-word and Loomis' crazy magical car summoning abilities and hoped to never talk about it again.

Young Frankenstein is Feeling Blu!

The fine folks from DVD Active have posted details about the Blu-ray release of Mel Brooks' classic Young Frankenstein. Due to bow on October 7th, this release will not only contain the great features that accompanied the previous DVD but also a slew of Blu-ray exclusive extras!