Blu-ray News

Shout! Factory Takes Us on a Ride Through Damnation Alley to Oblivion

For the past couple of years the good folks over at Shout! Factory have been giving some of the genre's most obscure titles really stellar treatments that serve to blow the mind. The trend continues with their latest two releases slated for July, Damnation Alley and Oblivion! From the Press Release

Dinocroc vs. Supergator - Blu-ray / DVD Trailer Debut

The epic battle of Dinocroc vs. Supergator (review here) is crashing its way onto Blu-ray and DVD, and we've got the trailer for you to get your betting going! Whoever wins ... practical effects lose. Check it out! The Showdown Begins July 12th! From the Press Release

30th Anniversary Blu-ray of Dark Night of the Scarecrow Coming this October!

We got a heads-up this evening from Dark Night of the Scarecrow writer J.D. Feigelson himself that due to huge international demand, there is going to be a 30th Anniversary Blu-ray release of the fan favorite film this coming October.

First Look and Details: The Twilight Zone: Season 5 on Blu-ray

While we're still in the midst of Image's stellar release of "The Twilight Zone" Season 4 (look for a review really soon), the first details have surfaced regarding the very last season we all need to complete our set! From the Press Release

High Lane Coming to Blu-ray in June

French distributors Gaumont have announced that on June 1 they will release on Blu-ray Abel Ferry's Vertige (aka High Lane), starring Fanny Valette, Johan Libéreau, Raphaël Lenglet, and Nicolas Giraud.

UK's Arrow Video Lines Up Some Tasty Treats for Your May/June Schedule!

With an already awesome catalogue of output on both DVD and Blu-ray under their belts, the UK’s favourite cult label, Arrow Video, is a genre force to be reckoned with. So if you just can’t keep your mitts off of the quality material they keep firing out, then feast your eyes on some seriously juicy upcoming releases! 23rd May – The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (Blu-ray)

The Resident Moves in on UK DVD and Blu-ray This July

Still relatively fresh from its theatrical run, the revitalised Hammer label’s psycho-thriller The Resident, starring Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the legendary Christopher Lee, is set to invade homes across the UK on July 4th courtesy of Icon Home Entertainment. From the Press Release:

Full Specs and Artwork: The Twilight Zone Season 4 on Blu-ray

We're almost there, kids! With the release of "The Twilight Zone" Season 4 on Blu-ray, there's just one more to go until the entire series is available in glorious high definition from Image. Read on for what to expect from this package. From the Press Release

Image Entertainment Officially Announces The Reef on Blu-ray and DVD

We mentioned a few days ago that the shark thriller The Reef was swimming our way, but the good folks over at Image Entertainment have just made it official. Read on for the details. From the Press Release

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Tickets to the Hobo With a Shotgun Midnight Screening This Weekend in NYC

The cult hit that is Hobo With a Shotgun will be making its way home on Blu-ray and DVD soon, but before that happens, the film will be playing THIS WEEKEND in the city that never sleeps, and we've got your hot tickets to attend!

Battle: Los Angeles Rages onto Blu-ray and DVD

While reaction to Battle: Los Angeles was mixed to say the least, come this June you're going to get the chance to make up your mind for yourself. Read on for all the details surrounding the flick's Blu-ray and DVD release. Battle: Los Angeles will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack on June 14th. Synopsis

Red Riding Hood to Visit Grandma on Blu-ray and DVD in June

Coming home to Blu-ray and DVD is Catherine Hardwicke's take on the classic tale Red Riding Hood, and while it far from earned the Foywonder's stamp of approval, he did assure us it's one of the oddest things he's ever seen. Look for it in stores on June 14, 2011 in a new extended edition with an alternate ending. Synopsis

Box Art Debut: Season of the Witch

Is there anyone on Earth not looking forward to seeing Nicolas Cage and his medieval fright wig in glorious 1080p? I mean honestly ... that's worth the price of the Blu-ray itself as far as we're concerned. Get ready for a gander at the official box art for Season of the Witch!

The Roommate Moves in on Blu-ray and DVD

The home video moment you've been waiting for all year is nearly upon us. That's right, kids, The Roommate is making its way to both DVD and Blu-ray. Please for the love of all that is holy, try and contain yourselves! From the Press Release

Antonio Banderas Makes a Big Bang on Blu-ray and DVD

While it doesn't sound very Dread Central oriented, we've been assured by the powers that be that the latest film from Raw Feed creator Tony Krantz is home to lots of things close to the hearts of you wondrous sickos out there. Hence the coverage! From the Press Release