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Exclusive: Ken Kirzinger Talks Vehicular Slaughter in Joy Ride 3: Road Kill

1971’s Duel revved the engines of cinematic road-ragers everywhere and put many a vicious vehicle on the old highway to hell. What horror fan doesn’t love The Car, Christine, and Death Proof?

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Joy Ride 3: Road Kill

The third installment in the Joy Ride franchise, Joy Ride 3: Road Kill, which sees Rusty Nail returning with a few days to kill, is nearly here; and right now we have a chance for you to grab your own Candy Cane and win a copy on us!

Dr. Caligari Gets the 'Masters of Cinema' Treatment in the UK

Widely regarded as the world's first true horror film, Robert Wiene's 1920 classic Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari needs no large introduction. Rather, the good news is that thanks to the UK's Eureka! Entertainment, it's getting the full restoration/re-release royalty treatment later this year.

Troma Taking the UK Back to Nuke 'Em High in July

Ah, Troma. If ever there were a studio guaranteed to douse the screen in blood, slime and all manner of bodily fluids, it's them. With Return to Nuke 'Em High: Volume 1 it looks like they're heading back to those sticky roots, and now UK viewers can get Troma-tised when the film hits DVD on July 14 courtesy of Anchor Bay.

Clips Scratched Out by The Monkey's Paw

In just a few weeks The Monkey's Paw will be granting wishes at home via the Scream Factory and right now we have a couple of clips to tide you over until this ghastly appendage gets its chance to have its way with you. Read on!

Drive Director Nicolas Winding Refn Hosts Screening of Restored Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn's film Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, made nearly $80 million at the box office. Recently we learned a really cool fact about him... Refn is a true lover of horror!

Ghostbusters Returns to Theaters in August; 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Set on the Way!

Back in 2011 Ghostbusters embarked on a bit of a theatrical revival, playing on screens across the country. I was lucky enough to experience the film on the big screen with an audience of fellow super fans, and it was quite frankly the geek equivalent of a religious experience...

Severin Films Announces Trio of July Blu-ray Releases: Bloody Birthday, The Baby, and Bloody Moon

It's always an exciting thing when horror flicks hit Blu-ray for the very first time, and Severin Films has three such debuts in store for us on July 8, inviting us to a Bloody Birthday, allowing us to hold The Baby, and encouraging us to howl at the Bloody Moon.

Scream Factory Brings Without Warning to Home Video for the Very First Time

Released in 1980, the low-budget sci-fi horror flick Without Warning has faded into relative obscurity over the course of the last several years, never managing to find itself on any home video

Stage Fright Gearing Up to Sing its Heart Out on Home Video

Every bit of artwork we have seen for the horror musical Stage Fright (review) has been great. Let's hope that trend extends to its Blu-ray and DVD release. Given all the goodies we've gotten already, if we get some ugly eyesore, we shall riot!

Scream Factory Charges Up The Battery

It's been called one of the best zombie films in years, and after scooping up heaps of acclaim on both the festival and VOD circuits, Jeremy Gardner's must-see film The Battery (review) is headed to home video, courtesy of our friends over at Scream Factory. Release details await!

RoboCop Shows Some Balls in Detroit - Throws First Pitch

RoboCop officially took over the city of Detroit yesterday as the crime fighter hit the streets to meet and take pictures with fans in celebration of #ROBOCOPDay and the Blu-ray and DVD release of the film.

Top 5 Foreign Vampire Films

We love our vampires. There is no denying that. And whether they be the frilly shirt wearing kind or the pointy toothed Alaskan invaders, whatever form they come in, we eat them right up (pun definitely intended). In celebration of the VOD and limited theatrical release of the Hong Kong vampire flick Rigor Mortis, we bring you the Top 5 Foreign Vampire Films.

The Quiet Ones Making Noise on Blu-ray and DVD

Hammer's The Quiet Ones (review) is on its way to home video and we have all the info you need to help you decide if this is one experiment you want to take part in. Read on for the details and such.

Scream Factory Overload; Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror and The Doctor and the Devils on Blu-ray Plus Summer of Fear Special Events!

A whole bunch of Scream Factory goodness was dropped into our inbox this morning, so let's forgo the usual chit-chat and cut right to the chase!