Bloody Disgusting

Shia LaBeouf is a Maniac for Kid Cudi

Another Halloween treat has made its way online, this time from The Collective and Bloody Disgusting. Up for another short film to pass the time until you engage in your trick or treating? Then we've got exactly what you need.

Your First Look Under the Bed

The new flick from Steven C. Miller, Under the Bed, is moving at a rapid pace. So rapid that the first official still is already here. Ready to take a peek? We double dog dare ya!

Steven C. Miller Finds Horrors Waiting Under the Bed

With the acclaimed Automaton Transfusion filmmaker Steven C. Miller burst onto the horror scene and made lots of folks take notice. His last effort, the After Dark Original Scream of the Banshee, showed how he's grown as a filmmaker. Word has just come down about his latest project, and it sounds as if the best is yet to come. From the Press Release

Rammbock Trailer Debut and Release Info

Finally the news has come for not only when you'll be able to see the badass new zombie flick Rammbock but also WHERE! Will the dead be shambling to a theatre near you? Read on for details.

Make a Date with Rammbock in Theatres

The announcement came a couple of days ago that The Collective and Bloody Disgusting would be distributing little seen horror flicks theatrically via AMC Theaters, and now one of them even has a release date ... the German zombie-fest known as Rammbock (review here).

The Collective and Bloody Disgusting Get Atrocious

It's always nice to see good friends evolve and deliver something insanely cool. Such is the case with The Collective, Bloody Disgusting, and the latest found footage flick Atrocious (review here). From the Press Release