Bloodsucking Cinema

DVD Release List: Bloodsucking Pathology

All right, since the feedback was more or less positive as to my new way of doing the DVD list, with some exceptions of course, I will be trying it again this week and hoping you guys will eventually come to love its simplicity as much as I do!

Bloodsucking Cinema (DVD)

Reviewed by Debi Moore Starring John Carpenter, John Landis, Cheech Marin, Greg Nicotero, Joel Schumacher, Stan Winston, Len Wiseman Written and directed by Barry Gray Narrated by Richard Roeper

Anchor Bay Unleashes Bloodsucking Cinema

Ah, Vampires. There have been so many good movies that featured everyone's favorite "pulse smoking fashion victims" (bonus points for anyone who can name where that quote came from). From the silent era of film to the teen sensation that is Twilight, it seems as if audiences just can't get enough of them. Ever wonder what the fascination is? On September 23rd you'll be able to examine the facts!