Blood Widow

Blood Widow Strikes in June

The emotionally broken. Yep, they're just so much fun to be around. Careful though... in their crazed state they could end up up resorting to all manner of nastiness. Including... well... murder. Enter the Blood Widow.

New Trailer Appears Online for Indie Slasher Blood Widow

Nothing like a lonely, secluded house recently inhabited by a young couple as the setting for a horror flick. What's that you say? There is a legend of a massacre committed by a disturbed girl in the abandoned boarding school next door? Blood Widow... Check out the new official trailer!

Blood Widow Website and Teaser Trailer Now Available

We don't go nuts and fire up the Dread Central media machine for every trailer that comes our way. But (and here's a hint to filmmakers) when we see one featuring a killer in a disturbing looking drama mask, slutty hot chicks, and a guy getting his face basically torn off, we tend to take notice. Blood Widow is an upcoming indie horror film that promises to go old school for us. And isn't that how we like it?

Say Hello to the Blood Widow

The first word on a new indie slasher movie has just hit our desks, and as always we're here to share the hopefully gory goods with ya! Read on for details and the first teaser poster for Jeremiah Buckhalt's Blood Widow. From the Press Release