The Blood List

Stage 32 and The Blood List are Searching for New Blood

When it comes to helping up and coming talent in the horror industry, rarely will you find more of a rock star than Kailey Marsh. Simply put she's a dynamo in the industry and right now is a good time to be someone looking to break into the world of horror because...

Winners of the 2013 Blood List Announced!

Each year Kailey Marsh and her ghoulish creation The Blood List pick the 13 best unproduced horror scripts in Hollywood, and from there the terrors come on hot and heavy! Just the way we like 'em! That being said, this year's winner(s) have been picked!

Lichelli Lazar-Lea's VERA Wins ScreamCraft Horror Script Contest!

Every year the ScreamCraft Horror Script Contest sets out to find the next great horror screenplay, a panel of development executives from Lionsgate, Paramount and Sony tasked with plucking the best of the best out of hundreds of submissions.

The Blood List 2013 Looking for New Sacrifices

Created by Kailey Marsh, The Blood List has quickly become to go-to source for the film industry to find new filmmakers who have their fingers planted firmly on the pulse of what's going on within the horror genre today. It's that special time of year again. Do you have what it takes?

Do You Have a Killer Horror Script? Enter it in the 2013 Scream Craft Horror Script Contest

Everyone's got a story inside them. Do you have one that's capable of winning the 2013 Scream Craft Horror Script Contest? If you do, it could be the beginning of your horror writing career. Read on for the details of this contest.

Blood List 2011 - The Best Unproduced Horror Scripts

Since 2009 "The Blood List" (an offshoot of "The Black List") has shone the spotlight on horror scripts that were seeking a home. The 2011 list in now out, and as always we have it for you right here to chew on!