Jason Statham to Blitz Home Video Here in the States

Finally the long gestating Jason Statham vs. a serial killer flick Blitz is making its way to American shores, and we've got the cover art and details right here!

Jason Statham to Blitz a Killer on UK Home Video

Believe it or not, we've been talking about the Jason Statham serial killer flick Blitz since 2009. Talk about leaving the bun in the oven, huh? In any event the movie is making its way to home video in the UK, and we've got the trailer and some artwork for you!

Quad One-Sheet Debut - Jason Statham vs. a Serial Killer in Blitz

It's been over a year since last we mentioned the new thriller starring Jason Statham which finds him going head-up with a vicious psychopath, Blitz, but the movie gods? They keep right on working, and today we have the official UK one-sheet.

Aidan Gillen & David Morrissey Ready Themselves for the Blitz

A few weeks back we told you that Jason Statham had signed on to Elliott Lester’s Blitz, a thriller about a serial killer targeting the police population in South London. Today we’ve got more info, including further casting and distribution.

Jason Statham Set for the Blitz

Jason Statham has been known to dabble on the fringes of our genre (we'll just keep quiet about Ghosts of Mars, okay), and he's in talks to do so once again by tackling a psychopath for Lionsgate UK.