Blacklist Art & Film Festival

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Municipal Waste's The Fatal Feast Music Video

In San Diego twin brothers Jeff and Chris Speed are best known for their Blacklist Art & Film Festival, but they also have their own production company, Halo of Flies, and sent over a behind-the-scenes look at "The Fatal Feast" music video they recently shot for Municipal Waste.

Event Report: 2010 San Diego Blacklist Art & Film Festival

This past August 28th saw the San Diego debut of the Blacklist Art and Film Festival, and your local Dread Central staff members were on hand for the event. We're happy to report a good time was had by all, and even though we'd seen a couple of the horror shorts shown during the film fest portion already, they really popped thanks to the enthusiastic crowd.

The Blacklist Art & Film Festival Wraps Its Tentacles Around San Diego

Finally an event in San Diego we can tell you about that isn't Comic-Con! The Blacklist Art & Film Festival, champions of gore and advocates of fearless creativity, will be delivering a multiā€“media spectacle that goes beyond the formula of mainstream culture. On Saturday, August 28th, join some local Dread Central staff members and experience a unique display of mind-bending artwork, award-winning horror film atrocities, and a night of rock 'n roll mayhem.