Black Rock

Girls Get Wild When Black Rock Comes Home

Lionsgate announced today that the indie thriller Black Rock is on its way to DVD and Blu-ray, and we've got all the details you need to decide if this is one girl's night out you want to crash! Read on for details.

Press Conference Coverage: Katie Aselton and Lake Bell Discuss Indie Thriller Black Rock

Last week Dread Central attended a press conference for the upcoming indie thriller Black Rock, and we’ve brought back some highlights from the event with co-writer/director Katie Aselton and co-star Lake Bell.

Three More Black Rock Clips to Watch Around a Campfire

Three new clips from the latest getaway-gone-awry flick Black Rock have landed like a ghost ship on a haunted shore. Sit back, relax, and share a few moments with several soon to be terrorized acquaintances.

Latest Black Rock Clip Will Screw Your Boyfriend

Time for a little girl talk, kids! Not your typical vacation banter, but there's nothing typical about the journey into terror our protagonists face in Black Rock. Check it out and look for the flick on VOD!

First Black Rock Clip Takes Us on a Treasure Hunt

Sometimes following a map can lead to nothing but trouble. Is that what is on the agenda for the fine ladies of Black Rock? Check out this clip and find out! That is, if you can follow the map to get to it. See what we did there?

New Stills from Black Rock Take Aim

Looking to spend a little quality time with some hot chicks in a remote location? Who isn't? Good thing for you that five new stills from the upcoming flick Black Rock have landed on our desks. Check 'em out!

New Black Rock Poster Gets the Point

Ah, the minimalist approach. It can be so much better in comparison to many of today's poster art designs. Case in point: the latest one-sheet for the upcoming flick Black Rock. Check it out to see if you agree!

First Official Stills Found at Black Rock

Alrighty, kids, on tap for you right now are the first two images from the upcoming flick Black Rock, so get out your adventuring gear because it's time to take a hike to terror. Check them out!

New Black Rock Poster Ushers in the Return of the Floating Heads Design

You know, we really thought that everyone was finally over the whole floating heads on a poster thing. Oh well, I guess every now and again it will continue to flare up like a scorching case of herpes. Grab your salve and check out some new art for Black Rock!

Trailer for Black Rock Breaks the Surface

Truth be told, we kind of forgot about the very well reviewed Sundance flick Black Rock (review); therefore, it's a good thing this trailer has just premiered online to give us a quick and much needed reminder.

Black Rock (2012)

Starring Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell, Katie Aselton Directed by Katie Aselton

Sundance 2012: Katie Aselton's Black Rock Land Distro with LD Distribution

And another Sundance deal has been made with LD Distribution nabbing North American distro rights for director/co-star Katie Aselton's Black Rock, which was written by her husband, Mark Duplass (Baghead).

Sundance 2012: First Look at Black Rock

More eye candy coming out from the big dance known as the Sundance Film Festival in Park City! Next on tap, a look at another place you just shouldn't go - a remote island where outsiders are about as welcome as a cop in a crackhouse. Prepare to set sail for the horrors of Black Rock!

Horror Related Offerings at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Institute has been rolling out the names of the films that will be screened at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, which takes place January 19 through 29 in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Sundance, Utah; and while the horror offerings are a bit on the scant side so far, a few definitely sound like projects to keep an eye on. Read on for the details.

Katie Aselton Shines Up Her Black Rock

We're not sure why, but damnit that headline just sounds dirty, doesn't it? Although our minds could just be in the gutter. Actually ... they never leave the gutter so ... in any event ...