Black Christmas

The Top 11 Home Invasions in Horror

There you are, tucked away sound and snuggly in your little bed. Counting sheep and drifting off to dreamland. The next thing you know, a stranger is in your house with nothing but bad intentions. To celebrate the release of Mischief Night, we bring you the Top 11 Home Invasions in Horror.

The Six Slays of Christmas - Day Six

At last it's time for the sixth and final installment of Dread Central's Six Slays of Christmas feature! We're now just one day away the year's biggest holiday, and to celebrate the coming of Saint Nick (or whomever you believe in), we've been taking a look at a different yuletide horror flick each day until the 25th! Think of it as a cinema crazed Advent calendar!

Vivendi Dishes More Horrors on Blu-ray This Fall -- Feast, Black Christmas, and More

Vivendi Entertainment announced today that they will be releasing a load of horror flicks to Blu-ray this fall just in time for the Halloween season. Whether or not you're gonna want to rewatch or buy them, well ... that's another story entirely!

Boston Residents: Catch a Double Feature of Silent Night, Deadly Night and Black Christmas This Friday!

If you're from the Boston area and you're looking to ring in the holiday season with a double bill of horror classics, then keep reading for info on where you can catch the original Black Christmas and Silent Night, Deadly Night.

DVD Releases: Hi-Def Christmas Hellboy

Sorry it’s a day late, I hope some of you can eventually find a way to forgive me, but here are your horror DVD choices for Tuesday, November 11th, 2008!