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Grimm Updates: C. Thomas Howell to Guest Star; New Web Series Kicks off on Valentine's Day

We have a couple of updates for NBC's "Grimm" that should help fill the void until the Olympics are over and the show returns, including word on a new guest star and the upcoming digital series "Love Is in the Air."

See Over a Half Dozen Stills from Grimm Episode 3.12 - The Wild Hunt

Things look to be heating up in both Portland and Vienna in tomorrow night's Episode 3.12 of "Grimm," entitled "The Wild Hunt," and we have a batch of images to share, including one in particular that should make Monrosalee fans extremely happy!

There's a Lot of Family Drama in this Preview of Grimm Episode 3.12 - The Wild Hunt

Finally the "Grimm" episode we've been waiting for all season is upon us! In next week's Ep. #3.12, "The Wild Hunt," we'll meet Monroe's parents, played by Dee Wallace and Chris Mulkey. Here's a preview.

A Manticore Invades Portland in These Images from Grimm Episode 3.11 - The Good Soldier

This week "Grimm" puts its own spin on the legend of the Manticore, and you can see the Wesen version of the creature in these new stills from Episode 3.11, "The Good Solider," along with a bit of detective work.

Offer a Salute to this Preview of Grimm Episode 3.11 - The Good Soldier

Things look to be taking a decidedly darker turn in next week's Episode 3.11 of "Grimm," entitled "The Good Soldier," in which Nick and Hank hunt a ruthless vigilante killer who targets war veterans. And that's the least of it! Check out this preview, and expect some stills soon.

A Trio of Clips from Grimm Episode 3.10 - Eyes of the Beholder

NBC is pulling out all the stops this week by releasing not just one or two, but THREE clips from Friday night's "Grimm" Episode 3.11, "Eyes of the Beholder." Check 'em all out right here!

Juliette Battles a Drang-Zorn in These New Images from Grimm Episode 3.10 - Eyes of the Beholder

We first met a Drang-Zorn in Season 2 of "Grimm," and this week another member of the badger-like Wesen species arrives to do battle with Juliette. Check out some photos of their fight and more!

Behold This Preview of Grimm Episode 3.10 - Eyes of the Beholder

What have we here? Wesen street gangs? All of a sudden Portland's not looking so hospitable in this preview of next week's Episode 3.10 of "Grimm," entitled "Eyes of the Beholder."

Cast Signs on for a Dead Draw

When committing crimes, you automatically resign yourself to the fact that when things go wrong, the consequences can be deadly. Luckily for us, in the new film Dead Draw, said consequences are just that and more. Read on for details.

Learn the Truth about Rasputin in this Clip from Grimm Episode 3.09 - Red Menace

A real-life historical figure plays a prominent role in this sneak peek of Friday night's Episode 3.09 of "Grimm," entitled "Red Menace." It involves Russia, a Wesen known as a Koschie, and some events surrounding World War I.

First Images from Grimm Episode 3.09 - Red Menace

"Grimm" is off for the next few weeks but will return in the new year on January 3rd with Episode 3.09, "Red Menace"; and as these new stills show, we finally get the Renard/Adalind reunion we've been anxiously awaiting!

Grimm Creature Profiles: The Gelumcaedus and The Krampus; Preview of Episode 3.09 - Red Menace

"Grimm's" double feature last night brought us two new Wesen: the Gelumcaedus, an ancient alligator, and the Krampus, aka the anti-Santa. Check out their profiles along with a preview of Episode 3.09, "Red Menace."

Get a Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 3.07 - Cold Blooded

So far all the clips we've seen from tomorrow night's "Grimm" double feature have focused on the Krampus of Episode 3.08, but finally we have a sneak peek of Episode 3.07, "Cold Blooded," in which Adalind meets a new member of the Royal family.

Another Clip from Grimm Episode 3.08 - Twelve Days of Krampus

Man, NBC is really pulling out all the stops to promote its upcoming Episode 3.08 of "Grimm," entitled "Twelve Days of Krampus," as evidenced by this latest clip they've released from the ep. Check it out as Nick turns to Monroe in hopes of uncovering the truth behind the legend.

Grimm Cast Members Talk Episode 3.08 - Twelve Days of Krampus

We get a double dose of "Grimm" this week with Episodes 3.07 and 3.08 - "Cold Blooded" and "Twelve Days of Krampus" - but as you'd expect, all anyone wants to talk about is Krampus, including the cast...