Billy Pepitone

Gravedigger Set for Release in November by Shami Media Group

A project we've been talking about for a while now, Doug Bollinger's Gravedigger, has been acquired by Shami Media Group, Inc., for worldwide distribution in November; and we have all the details right here!

Official Trailer for The Jersey Devil Hits the Turnpike

Back in January we got the first word on The Jersey Devil, a horror comedy from Joseph and Billy Pepitone that was filmed throughout Jersey City; and now we're back with the official trailer, artwork, and a few more details.

First Trailer and Artwork Unearthed for Gravedigger

It's been nearly a year since we last told you about the indie flick Gravedigger so we're more than overdue for an update! Get set to dig on the newest bit of artwork and the very first trailer, and look for more on this one soon.

Oddest Cast Ever Assembled for New Indie Film Gravedigger

Covering the horror scene as long as we have, we've seen some pretty eclectic cast lists, but with its assortment of reality TV stars, ex-baseball players, lady wrestlers, and a musician (oh yeah, there are a few regular actors in there, too), Gravedigger could be the oddest one yet!