Bill Rebane

B-Sides: Free Bigfoot!

Bill Rebane’s The Capture of Bigfoot makes a highly unlikely second appearance in the B-Sides with its folk rock opening number that serves as a stern reminder that every living creature has its place in this world – including Sasquatch. Let your spirit run free, Bigfoot. Run free, I said!

B-Sides: Bigfoot Is Really Just a Sensuous Tiger

I kind of feel the need to apologize in advance for this one. There is a good chance you might find this week’s B-Sides especially painful. Any time one is forced to listen to half-baked disco music performed by the whitest people imaginable, the results are never pretty. No wonder Bigfoot goes on a rampage.

Monster A-Go Go Hits DVD in October

Any time that we get to report on a classic horror film hitting DVD in style, we cannot help but smile. Especially when the title is something as obscure as Monster A-Go Go! From the Press Release

Wicked Wood and a Bad Case of Maggots

Despite boasting a title perfectly suitable for a Ron Jeremy porno flick, Wicked Wood is actually a new indie horror flick about a couple that make the grave mistake of bringing home a mysterious wood carved figure called Splinter that comes to murderous life.