Bill Oberst Jr.

A Look Inside the Mind of Bill Oberst, Jr.

Horror fans don't grant new performers legendary status on a regular basis. We cling to our heroes like treasures and limit inclusion into the upper echelon of the genre to a very select few. But people do manage to break through and win our undying respect and admiration, and Bill Oberst, Jr., is doing just that right now.

Ditch Work for a Bit and Check Out this New Trailer for Ditch Day Massacre

Water Tree Media, helmed by producer Megan Waters, has released the full length trailer for teen slasher Ditch Day Massacre (formerly known as just Ditch). Check it out, or we'll make you stay after class!

Another Exclusive Early Look at Horror Comedy A Grim Becoming

With filming currently under way on DefTone Pictures Studios' A Grim Becoming, we got our hands on a couple of exclusive stills that feature co-stars Michael Sciabarrasi and Jessica Cameron as well as a very scary looking Brandon Williams transformed into a... Well, just take a look; you'll see.

VOD Suffers a Blackout in July

What's this? Another story featuring a movie starring Bill Oberst, Jr., already? The man, who's quickly establishing himself as one of the horror genre's elite players, works quickly; and we're happy everyone's taking notice.

A Trinity of New Stills for After Dark's Children of Sorrow

Here at Dread Central we've been singing the praises of actor and horror enthusiast Bill Oberst, Jr., for some time now, and it's great to see the rest of the world catching on. This dude knows how to do spooky, and that's the order of the day when it comes to these new stills from Children of Sorrow!

A Pair of New Stills from Horror Comedy A Grim Becoming

DefTone Pictures Studios' A Grim Becoming started principal photography on June 1st, and they sent over a pair of new stills from the production for us to share. Check 'em out here, and look for more soon.

Teaser Trailer Arrives for A Grim Becoming

As promised when we did our last story on the film, a teaser trailer has now arrived for Adam R. Steigert's horror comedy A Grim Becoming, and of course you can check it out right here.

Exclusive First Look at Bill Oberst Jr. in The Black Water Vampire

Bill Oberst, Jr., is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable faces in the genre, and we're lucky to have him. The guy can do everything from sympathetic to absolutely psychotic at the drop of a dime. On tap right now is an exclusive look at his latest flick, The Black Water Vampire.

Exclusive First Still from Adam Steigert's A Grim Becoming

In mid-May the teaser trailer for Adam R. Steigert's horror comedy A Grim Becoming will be dropping, and to help whet your appetites, the film's co-writer/director sent over the first still exclusively for our readers.

Brandon Williams Lands the Lead Role in Adam Steigert's A Grim Becoming

A Grim Becoming, a new film from Adam R. Steigert that we've been keeping our eyes on, has found its leading man, and we have all the info for you right here.

Casting News and First Still from Adam Steigert's A Grim Becoming

A boatload of casting news and an early still have arrived for DefTone Pictures Studios' upcoming horror-comedy A Grim Becoming. Check out the details, which include some names that will be very familiar to horror fans.

Gregory Blair Poised to Deliver Some Killer Horror in the Very Near Future

Writer/director Gregory Blair, who created the Bill Oberst, Jr. vehicle Deadly Revisions, which is now in post-production, is proud to announce a new project, The Straying.

Look Again at this Exclusive Clip from Resolution

Okay, kids, it's exclusive time. On tap for you right now is a new clip from the stellar indie flick Resolution. Check it out, and do yourself a favor... make your own resolution to see this movie as soon as possible.

Three New Resolution Clips to Get Your Blood Pumping

If you haven't seen the new flick Resolution yet, do yourself a favor and fix that situation like yesterday. Need any more coaxing? Don't wanna take our word for it? Then check out these three clips.

Teaser Trailer and New Stills Arrive for Ditch

The first teaser trailer for Joe Hendrick's shockfest Ditch has arrived along with a few new stills. The title is near completion, and a release date is expected to be announced shortly so stay tuned.