Bill Moseley

Exclusive: Bill Moseley Talks The Tortured, Exit Humanity, and More

Bill Moseley is one hell of a busy guy. In the last twelve months alone he's performed in The Devil's Carnival, the upcoming sequel The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, two episodes of FEARnet's popular network series "Holliston" and a handful of other genre films as well.

Exit Humanity (DVD)

Starring Mark Gibson, Adam Seybold, Jordan Hayes, Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley, Stephen McHattie, and Brian Cox Directed by John Geddes

Another Clip to Help You Exit Humanity

Zombies, man. They're everywhere, exterminating the human race bite by bite. It's only a matter of time before the dead outnumber the living, and judging by how badly we've already screwed up this planet, maybe they deserve a shot.

Bill Moseley Enters The Dungeon of Deadly Delights

Hey there, rejects! It is I, Rob Delamorte, back with yet another eerie installment of The Dungeon show! This time the "Terror Team" spoke to the one and only Bill Moseley, and we waxed on about The Blob remake, Repo!, The Devil's Carnival, Otis Firefly, and so much more!

Exit Humanity Enter an Exclusive Clip

Time for another bit of exclusive goodness, this time for The Collective and Bloody Disgusting Selects' latest acquisition, Exit Humanity. Look for it in stores and on VOD platforms June 19th. Dig it!

Dread Central Visits the Set of Chiller's Dead Souls

Recently Dread Central was lucky enough to travel to the quiet town of Canterbury, Connecticut, to visit the set of the upcoming Chiller original production Dead Souls. The film, scheduled to hit the television airwaves in October, was directed by Colin Theys and boasts the one and only Bill Moseley amongst the impressive cast.

Exclusive DVD Clip from Rogue River Washes Ashore

We've dug in our claws and extracted from Lionsgate an exclusive clip from next Tuesday's DVD release of Rogue River. See how much we dig you cats? Don't ever say we don't love you. Read on for the goods.

Exclusive New Clip from The Tortured

What better way could there be to kick off your weekend than with a little maiming of a rotten sonovabitch who really deserves it? No, not any government officials or pundits, but that'd be nice too. What we're talking about here is an exclusive clip from Twisted Pictures' The Tortured. Dig it!

Lin Shaye Joins Hell Hunters

Horror icon Lin Shaye is the next beloved actor to sign up for active duty in the new television series "Hell Hunters", and we have all the details you need on tap right here, Satan and his minions accounted for but not included. Read on!

Bill Moseley Talks About Rolling Down the Rogue River

Genre favorite Bill Moseley is once again bringing his one-of-a-kind abilities to an upcoming horror film. Moseley stars in the movie Rogue River, which is due to hit DVD on June 5. Read on to hear from the man himself!

Tortured, The (2012)

Directed by Robert Lieberman Starring Jesse Metcalfe, Erika Christensen, Bill Moseley

Infliction, The (2012)

Written and Directed by Matthan Harris Starring Matthan Harris, Bill Moseley, Doug Bradley, Sid Haig

Check out the Trailer for The Tortured

We've been talking about The Tortured since early 2010, and now finally we have a trailer to sink our teeth into. How far would parents go to take revenge on someone who's harmed their child? Pretty friggin' far! Dig it!

Rumor Control: Michael Biehn NOT in Talks for Hell Hunters

Two Michael Biehn stories in a row? Yep, it's further proof that the man just doesn't sleep. Recently he created and starred in The Victim, then he starred in and toured for The Divide, and now a rumor has come that he's snagged a lead role in the upcoming TV series "Hell Hunters." Untrue.

Exclusive Interview: Actress Alexa Vega on The Devil’s Carnival and More

Actress Alexa Vega reunited with many of the members from her Repo! The Genetic Opera family on director Darren Lynn Bousman’s latest project called The Devil’s Carnival, including Terrance Zdunich (who also penned the story and music for the project), Bill Moseley and Ogre.