Bill Moseley

Repo! Rolls Next Week!

How lucky can one man get?

Myers Escapes

Yahoo! Movies got to host the first of what I’m sure will be a few exclusive clips from next Friday’s release of Halloween, directed by Rob Zombie. And the coolest part is? You get to see Michael Myers kicking Bill Moseley’s ass! I can’t explain why that’s great, you’ll have to click here to check it out for yourself.

Babysitter Wanted (2007)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Sarah Thompson, Matt Dallas, Bruce Thomas, Bill Moseley, Kai Caster Directed by Jonas Barnes & Michael Manasseri

Dead Air is Live!

Just got a heads up from the producers of Dead Air, the Corbin Bernson-helmed horror flick about a pair of DJs trying to warn their listening audience about a zombie outbreak in LA, that the film’s official site is now online.

First Look at Dear Air Poster!

Just got a heads up from Dead Air writer Ken Yakkel with the good news that the first poster for the film is ready for the public eye. That’s you. And on your right? That’s the poster. Shessh, pay attention.

Saw IV, Repo Updates

Shooting is going well over on the set of Saw IV, or so director Darren Lynn Bousman reports in his latest Fearnet blog entry. Everyone’s covered in blood, morale is high, and the cast and crew are having a great time.

Exclusive: Clown is Bernsen's Next

With Dead Air (pictured) currently lensing in and around Los Angeles, one wonders if this will be the last we see of Corbin Bernsen behind the camera pulling directing duties for a while. Especially considering the man is best known as a character actor, most probably assumed Dead Air was just something for him to do between acting gigs.

Exclusive Look Behind Dead Air!

Yesterday we scored a trio of stills from the first horror movie to be directed by character actor Corbin Bernsen, Dead Air (last update here), which stars Bill Moseley as a DJ who experiences a zombie apocalypse taking place during his popular late-night show.

Dead Air Cast Expands

Bill Moseley and Pat Tallman will be getting some new company on their latest team-up, Dead Air, which we first told you about right here. Recent additions to the cast include David Moscow (young Tom Hanks in Big), Navid Negahban (Charlie Wilson’s War) and Anthony Ray Parker, aka Dozer from The Matrix (pictured).

Bernsen Directs the Dead

You know zombie movies are becoming uncool when the Dentist wants to direct one...

Monsters Get Home Sick

Wow, remember Home Sick? The little indie film starring Tom Towles, Tiffany Shepis, and Bill Moseley that was made by some crazy kids from backwater Alabama, one of whom used to contribute to our old site quite a bit?

Pulido, Brian (The Graves)

Director Brian Pulido didn't have to look much farther than practically his own backyard when he was seeking inspiration for his next horror project. He found that the state of Arizona provided the right landscape to create a chilling supernatural journey with his telling of The Graves.

Repo Cast & Crew (Repo! The Genetic Opera)

Our man Nomad got the invite to head up to Toronto and see just what the twisted minds behind the Saw franchise were cooking up with their first horror rock opera, Repo! The Genetic Oprea. Boy, was he surprised. You can read about his experiences in our

Moseley, Bill (Repo! The Genetic Opera)

Few movies get me excited. Unfortunately we live in a time when originality seems like more of an afterthought than something that is sought after. But Darren Lynn Bousman is out to set things straight with his horror musical Rep

Moseley, Bill (Dead Air)

Bill Moseley is quickly becoming the busiest man in the biz; that is, if he isn't already! His newest project, Dead Air, is gaining momentum, and that means it's time to get you guys the latest on this promising new flick! Click below and don't forget to